better than sex mascara
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Have you heard of ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara? It’s bloody brilliant.

Carla McConnell by Carla McConnell
August 31st, 2016
better than sex mascara

I’ve spent my life looking for my life partner mascara and until now it has evaded me. Being on the fairer side I’ve never been that girl with the long naturally dark lashes and so began my hunt for the perfect mascara.

I’ve often been the strange lady asking women with fab lashes where they get their goods from. Following one recommendation I bought a VERY expensive Dior mascara that had cashmere in it. Oh la la la, and I literally felt like a cat had crawled onto my eyeballs every time I used it.

I’ve thought about lash lift or extensions but I’m not ready for the commitment of the upkeep (and I wonder why I’m single?)

better than sex mascara

‘Better Than Sex’ mascara by Two Faced.

So when my sister in law insisted I try this new mascara called ‘Better Than Sex’ you could say I was a little jaded. In fact she purchased it for me and made me try it and the first time I used it… I was in love.

better than sex mascara

non-existent eyelashes (although spray tan on point)

better than sex mascara

And eyelashes that are visible to the naked eye. Yeess!

Finally the long dark eyelashes I had dreamed of that weren’t in one big unholy clump. It’s only $34 at Mecca so I don’t need to sell the children. Good news all round.

Is it better than sex? Well I’ll let you decide that.

*This is not a sponspored post I just love my mascara

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