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14 things you probs didn’t know about BOOBS

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 23rd, 2019

You know what I love? Body facts. The way a human is put together never fails to amaze me, but there’s something extra spesh about the female bod. We’ve covered vagina facts in the past, so it makes sense to suss out some bits and pieces you might not know about your glorious cans… and boy oh boy there is some good stuff in here!

1. Ever wondered what a breast actually is? Prepare to get massively turned on… because breasts are basically a large gland (the mammary gland) comprising of fibrous, glandular and fatty tissue and cells, as well as complex tubes and ducts that are capable of producing colostrum and milk during pregnancy.

this pic of the biological structure of a woman’s breasts went viral

2. If your melons aren’t the same size, don’t fret. According to reconstructive surgeon Dr Constance Chen, boobs are rarely identical and perfectly symmetrical. Think sisters, not twins.

3. You’re not going crazy if you think your boobs are changing… every month your tatas can change size and shape as a result of those lovely hormones floating around in prep for pregnancy or your period.

4. The first sports bra was created back in 1977 by two women who loved running and needed extra support for their breasticles. So, they stitched two jockstraps together and voila!

5. If the fear of cancer doesn’t encourage you to give up the durries, do it for your cans. Smoking is a big contributor to sagging breasts as the chemicals found in cigarettes can wreak havoc on the skin’s elastin.

6. Sore back? It’s not in your head! Carrying around a set of D cup breasts is the weight equivalent of 6.5 to 10.5 kg, so basically a six-month old baby. Spare a thought for us gals packing way more than a D cup.

annie’s boobs are no joke

7. Think your coconuts are big? Spare a thought for Annie Hawkins-Turner, the world record holder for the largest natural boobs with an incredible cup size of 102ZZZ. Get this – EACH of Annie’s breasts weighs a whopping 25.4kg, means she’s carrying around over 50kg of weight on her chest. That lady would most def be in need of a back rub!

8. What the hell are those white lumps? Don’t sweat it; the little bumps commonly found on the areola and nipple area are called Montgomery’s glands. If you’re up the duff, don’t be shocked if they become more visible and get larger – they are filled with an oil-like substance that not only keeps your nips in good nick, but the smell apparently lures your bebe in the right direction for a feed.

9. If those little bumbs look more like pimples, they’re likely Montgomery’s tubercles – that Montgomery sure owns a lot of real estate in boob land! They’re harmless but just like a pimp on your face, they shouldn’t be squeezed as the broken skin can result in infection.

10. Speaking of pregnancy, expect that your boobs will change during the nine months (and after the baby is born) – and not just in size. For most women, the nipple and areolas become much darker and your nips will get bigger, which is all nature’s way of helping baby find their way to that milky goodness.

an inverted nipple

11. Only half of women get their rocks off from breast and nipple stimulation according to sex researcher Alfred Kinsey. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2011 found that the effect of nipple stimulation on the brain lit up the same area as direct genital stimulation. Tweak tweak.

12. When aroused, nipples widen and can pop out up to 1cm in length…. but following orgasm, deflate into prune-like, crinkled skin.

13. 10 – 20% of women have inverted nipples, meaning they lie flat against the areola and don’t protrude out. This isn’t a cause for concern, just a different breast characteristic.

14. The BEST time to check your breasts for lumps is the week after your period. Keep those self-checks consistent every month so you can pick up any differences and if you’re visiting the doc for a breast check, make sure you schedule it in for that week after ‘cos boobies can get a bit lumpy and bumpy when you’re menstruating.

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