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Who thought there’d be a waitlist for BIKE SHORTS??

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 13th, 2018

The first time I saw a pic of Kim Kardashian strolling down the street in a pair of bike shorts I thought to myself, “Ha! Nice one, Kimmy. Try all you like to resurrect one of the most hideous clothing items to ever hit our thighs, but skin tight lycra shorts are soooooo 1990. This is NEVER gonna take off.” Well, look who underestimated Kim’s pull and is gearing up to spread the word that yes, bike shorts are indeed having a serious fashion moment right now.

Straight up, I am not here for this. At all. I believe that bike shorts belong buried deep in the fashion cemetery marked ‘do not resurrect’ alongside the acid wash jean and the velvet scrunchie; both of which have come back with a vengeance over the last couple of years. So, it seems that I am, in fact, the biggest dag of them all because the world is embracing the return of the bike short with more excitement than when Jesus came back for one last ‘Yo!’ after that whole crucifixion business.

Not convinced? The proof is in the sales – and the waitlists. Just five days after launching their Vogue Australia emblazoned bike shorts for $89, Stylerunner have sold out and have over 100 eager beavers waiting to snap themselves up a pair in the next drop. But if you’re keen to test the waters without shelling out close to a hundy for half a pair of leggings , then you can pick yourself up a super affordable pair from Cotton On Body or Factorie for around $19.95 or even Kmart for a measly $5.

these vogue australia shorts have been a sell-out

If money is no object and you’ve got a real devotion to the look (and the Kardashian-West family business), you can snap up a pair of Kanye’s Yeezy brand bike shorts for around $282, or you can really go to town with a pair of Burberry ones for $320 or Off-White ones for a cool FIVE HUNDRED big ones. That’s a real commitment to far-shun.

You can still rock ’em like you did back in the day with a slouchy tee, hoodie or crop top and runners, but the newest incarnation sees pairing your bike shorts in a dressier way a’la KK. Think heels, boots, blazers, oversized jackets and shirts, which to be honest, makes them pretty versatile. Ugly, but versatile. Haaaaa.

If you’re keen to give bike shorts another go (or you missed them the first time ’round), here’s a bit of style inspo for you…

heels and studs

gigi shows bike shorts, 2 ways

hailey baldwin, biebs and her bike shorts

futuristic kim


kourtney kardash

khloe in her good americans

where it all began. this babe.

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