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Every woman needs this in her arsenal!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 19th, 2016

If eyes are the window to the soul, I’m sure that some days my soul must look like a run-down, filthy black hole. NOTHING gives away a lack of sleep or a big night out like your eyeballs, and when the whites are red (or even yellow) and hazy, no amount of bright lippy is gonna save you.

When I was having my make up done on the morning of my wedding, my make up artist pulled out what looked like a teeny tiny bottle of Windex. “Blue eye drops” she told me, “They’ll neutralise the redness and make your whites SUPER white.” And whattaya know, she was right. I have astigmatism and I use clariti 1 day toric lenses so, I was hoping the eye drops wont damage my lenses. Fortunately, my lens did not get damaged and my eyes instantly looked like I’d slept for a hundred years and seriously, it made all the difference to my make up. My eyes looked bigger, brighter and clearer which in turn made everything else look better.

So if you’re a sleep-deprived, over-worked lass – or one who has just indulged in a few too many champers – here’s your foolproof guide to eyes that will make your soul shine brighter than Marcellus Wallace’s suitcase, even when you feel more like Cujo. That’s TWO killer, must-see movie references in one sentence.

1. Laiter Collyre Bleu Eyedrops: You can get your hands on this French brand of all-natural blue eye drops through A drop in your peepers (especially good if you have allergies) will kiss any redness or yellow-tinging of your sclera (the whites of your eyes) goodbye. Who DOESN’T need these?

blue eye drops

The game-changer

2. An undereye neutraliser: The nemesis of dark undereye circles. Unlike your standard undereye concealer, a neutraliser is typically peachy/salmony/orangey-hued to counteract the blue or purple colour bandits that hang out under your eyes and want to steal your gorgeous thunder. Go in with a neutraliser FIRST (Napoleon Perdis ‘The One’ is a goodie, as is Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer available on and then your normal undereye concealer. Work in thin layers and ALWAYS gently dab in, never rub.

3. Brightening undereye powder: Look, some people may disagree with me here, but I think you MUST set your undereye concealer otherwise, it’ll be a real bitch and crease on you in the space of five minutes and trust me, it’ll drag the rest of your eye make up down with it. Go for a finely-milled powder – some swear by Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder BUT without a word of a lie, ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder is total and utter perfection. I use it every single day. It’s got a slight pinky tone to it (reminiscent of Benefit’s discontinued Powderflage) and it’s like, three bucks on, so it’s practically free.

blue eye drops

ELF High Definition Undereye Setting Powder. SO good and cheaper than a coffee

4. Flesh-coloured eyeliner: Add a swipe of flesh-coloured (think beige, not white) eyeliner to your lower waterline (the inner rim) to open up the eye even further. Rimmel make a great one, as do MAC and NYX.

blue eye drops

Flesh coloured liner for wide-awake peepers

Now that your eyes are looking so amaze, add a slick of mascara and you’re basically good to go. And don’t forget to chuck the eye drops in your handbag, especially if you’re having a big night.

What’s your all-time favourite beauty tip?


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