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BOOBS! Do you have one bigger than the other? WHAT does it mean?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 18th, 2016

For as far back as I can remember, my boobs were always a little lopsided. My ‘twins’ were not in fact twins – they looked as though they were siblings born three months apart, and the right one was the oldest.

As I got older and my breasts grew (and grew and GREW, breastfed, deflated and grew again) the discrepancy in the size of my lady lumps became bigger. Now, my left one fits snugly and comfortably into my E cup, but her sister to the right? She’s busting out. Literally. I’m constantly having to re-adjust myself because sneaky Righty is always trying to escape her confines. Some days she throws herself out, nipple first.

It’s rare to find breasts that are the ‘perfect pair’ in terms of size and shape, but what does it mean when your breasts are visibly asymmetrical?  Here are some interesting facts for those of you who have lopsided tatas like mine…

– Breast asymmetry is VERY common, with the Annals of Plastic Surgery reporting that it’s more common to have a larger left breast than right.

– The larger the breast, the more asymmetrical they appear.

– Changes in breast symmetry can become more or less obvious during pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain or loss.

– According to Dr David Kaufman, “It’s not a medical problem as much as it is a cosmetic issue,” he said, and that women’s self esteem is often affected by them becoming more “self-conscious in and out of clothes.”

– When you’re having a bra fitting, always fit to accomodate the bigger breast. If there’s a decent gap in the cup of the smaller breast, you can give it some extra oomph with padding or a ‘chicken fillet’, or have the bra adjusted to your requirements.

– If you’re into old wives’ tale, if your right breast is larger during pregnancy, you’re said to be carrying a boy.

– If one of your breasts becomes larger suddenly, Health Guide suggests you contact your doctor and have the larger breast examined.

Do you have one breast bigger than the other? Any bra-fitting tips?

Here’s Monty and the gorgeous Julia Morris talking all things breasticles…

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