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If you’ve got big boobs, you’ll totally relate to this

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 15th, 2016

Who says birthday wishes don’t come true? Mine did. When I blew the candles out on one of my childhood birthday cakes, I wished to have big boobs like my mum and my sister. I had small breasts, or as my mum would call them, “fried eggs.” By the time I got married at 24, I would say that my boobs were as perfect as they were gonna get. A full ‘C’. A little more than a handful. Perky.

Now my boobs are big. Actually, they’re not just big, they’re huge. I’m busting out of my E cups and I REFUSE to go bra shopping because the idea of going up yet another size and facing the hideous bra options available to big chested lasses makes me want to just ditch the bras and get myself a mu-mu. Every bra I am attracted to – the lacey, detailed ones, the ones that come in gorgeous colour and prints – all seem to cater to my smaller-breasted sisters. If you do want an attractive bra that fits your boobs well, prepare to fork out some serious dosh for it. Totally unfair.

One such woman who understands the struggle is Charde Heremaia, a New Zealand woman who filmed this rant in her local Kmart.

As is the case with clothing, there needs to be more affordable and attractive options for women who are larger than the ‘standard.’  We want our boobs well-supported and well-dressed, thank you very much. C’mon retailers, get your shit together. It’s just a bit of extra fabric…

Do you love or hate bra shopping?

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