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What is your ONE luxury you can’t go without?

Monty by Monty
April 12th, 2016


Do you sometimes stop and look at how you spend your cashola and then get a bit of a shock? We foolishly decided to share what we splash a fair chunk of our pay on, which usually nudges us over our monthly budget. So much cold hard cash spent on things that you will probably judge us harshly over, but please understand…life would not be worth living without these essentials luxuries.

Here’s our money-spending confessions. Enjoy, and I guess, feel free to judge – we are!


GALS-15Okay, before you judge I want to issue a little disclaimer. I was pregnant. I had shocking all-day sickness every day for 42 weeks. I was working 15-hour days (between my radio job and Show + Tell) and up at 3am to produce breakfast radio.  So, I was time poor. Really time poor. Feeling a little sorry for me? Just a teeny bit?? Come onnn… Also, as a side I have very thick hair…okay, I digress. So, here goes…

I didn’t wash my own hair for one year. Not once in 365 days of the year did my own mitts wash my own locks.


No gasping please. I can hear you judging me and please remind yourself we are a ‘safe space for women’.  I am not proud of this. In fact, I am very embarrassed to say this out loud.

I have been a long-time lover of a blow wave. I have crazy thick hair and washing and drying it is a pain in my derrière…so as a special treat to myself every now and then I get a little blowie, and the express blow wave bars make this so easy these days, half an hour and we’re done.

But my love for a blow wave was taken to the next level around the time I fell pregnant. It’s fair to say I became addicted to the blow wave bar. I would duck in on my way home from work a couple of times a week and I simply could not resist when they offered me an incredible per month deal. That per month deal ended up being for 12 months. Ahhhh this makes me sick to admit that I spent $2,400 a year on getting my hair washed and dried.

After giving birth my addiction eased up a little. The cost of having a kid has meant my own mitts now do majority of the hair washing. I do like to indulge occasionally though, so maybe once a month you will catch me getting a little afternoon delight at my local blow wave bar. $40 a month isn’t criminal though, right? I’ll budget my precious lock wash into my monthly spending now, cause I feel nauseas that I spent that much. What a lazy mole!


First of all I can’t believe Brooke confessed that about her locks and I’m terribly embarrassed to be friends with such a princess.

I am far less high maintenance than Brooke, but when it comes to my daily coffee order I do NOT muck around. Some may say I’m a pain the ass when it comes to my morning coffee ritual, in fact, almost everyone I know does.

Every single morning, without fail, I consume the same hot beverages “one long black with a dash of cold milk and one large almond milk chai with no honey”. That is how I place my take away order, word for word. Yes, both drinks are for me. I only like almond milk made in-house too, the supermarket stuff is basically water with six almonds mixed in and makes the chai undrinkable. My order is obnoxious – I’ll admit that. I feel like a twat when I order it but I feel like a Queen when I’m sipping on it. I order both of these because to me, the coffee is like getting the business done and the chai is the pleasure that follows.  I never order one without the other. I am odd, but I am happy.

However, I nearly choked on my hipster chai the other day when I realise that on a daily basis I spend $11.40 on these two drinks. That is $79.80 a week, $319.20 a month and $3,830.40 A YEAR! All that cash spent on two daily drinks that I feel embarrassed to order.

I know I’m a sick puppy for having such expensive beverage taste, but if I’m being honest I will continue to order it everyday. Now I know how many gold coins I’m throwing at hot beverages I will simply budget it in and be done with it. I will savour the business and pleasure though, and try not to think of the Bali holiday I am sipping away.


sI have witnessed Monty ask for her coffee/chai combo on many occasions.  I have mastered pretending not to know her while she places that ridiculous order.

I digress.

If you text my girlfriends right now and ask them what I have for dinner each night, without a doubt the reply will be ‘something with minced meat’ and not just the crappy pink stuff with wads of white fat through it (sorry, a tiny too graphic there) – the real expensive bright pink kinda minced meat. The one that costs a bomb…

I can make any meal you can think of from minced meat, Bolognese, chilli concarne, tacos, Kai Si Ming, meat pie…the list is endless. I have to say the only time I get embarrassed is when I go to the butcher and ask for 2kg’s of minced meat every WEEK! They ask if I’m bulk cooking to freeze and I always say, you bloody bet I am. I ain’t…I just don’t know how to cook without mince.

When I started punching the digits of my quality minced meat purchases, I almost choked on my burrito. I’m spending $40 (or more!) a week on that stuff. That’s like $200 a month…and $2400 a YEAR.

I’m a minced meat obsessed artist and I’ll keep creating.

Since the three of us can’t give up our little luxuries, we try and manage our budgets in other areas of our lives to make sure we have enough cash for our personal luxuries that we REFUSE to live without. It might sound a little on the cray side, but these things make us SO happy and you know what? We bloody deserve them!

What is your can’t-live-without luxury?