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Cameron Diaz’s simple workout tip is what we wanted to hear

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 15th, 2016

We love ourselves a bit o’ Cameron Diaz. Her stunning looks (and that rockin’ bod) aside, Cam exudes health and self-confidence and talks about it in a way that isn’t patronising or preachy. She is a chick who at 43 years old, is well and truly comfortable in her own skin – and THAT is what makes her one of the sexiest ladies getting around. She doesn’t seem to be consumed by weight or the perfect breasts or curves, but more a lifestyle that makes her feel good on the inside, which of course, shows on the outside. Plus, she’s the kind of woman we can imagine knocking down a few beers with while talking about the best vibrator on the market.

On the press circuit for her newest page-turner, The Longevity Book, Cam has revealed why her FIVE MINUTE workout is way better than the long, drawn-out slog many women think is necessary to get their heart-a-pumping. This is a breath of fresh air to time-poor mamas who would much rather spend that hour playing with their kiddos, or working, or doing whatever else feeds their soul – not just their thighs.

Aerobics Oz Style? Um, no thanks...

Um, no thanks…

It may only be five minutes she’s talking about, but Cam reckons you need to really kick it up a notch in that time – and it’s all about interval training. You don’t want to “glisten,” she says, “You want to be a fire hydrant in New York City that just got busted open, and you’re pouring out after and everybody gets wet! That’s the kind of cardio you want to do.”

High Interval Intensity Training is where it’s at – go hard for one minute, then bring it down and catch your breath the next, then ramp it up again. This gives not only your body, but best of all, your heart, the best-ever workout.

Here’s what Cam had to say…

So ladies, take a leaf out of Cameron’s book and the next time you want to burn off a bit of energy, give yourself five minutes….then go put your feet up and take a long, relaxing breather. You’ve done good.

What is YOUR favourite form of exercise?