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The one item that’ll style the shiz out of your pad

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
April 2nd, 2020

This piece is brought to you by Carpet Court, but is all my own thoughts and experiences. Mel x

Whether you’re undertaking a reno, building a new home or just want to give your pad a bit of a spruce-up, flooring is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make for your home.

When we built our house eight years ago, I was convinced that all I wanted was floorboards. Upstairs, downstairs – everywhere. With two young kids, I was obsessed with the idea of easy clean-ups and I hated the thought of vacuuming the carpet in one direction to avoid those weird lines like we had to in my childhood home. My husband had other ideas though – he was even more obsessed with the idea that our bedrooms MUST be carpeted because ‘it feels better on your feet’. So, we compromised and I got my floorboards downstairs and he got his dream carpet upstairs.

As much as it PAINS me to admit, he was right. Actually, we both were, because we got the best of both worlds.

Getting up in the morning, particularly in winter, and planting your feet on the cushiony softness of carpet is bliss. It also made our bedrooms feel more homely and warm and the fact that it’s also quieter when the kids are barrelling down the hallway on these early weekend mornings was a plus too. When we were choosing our carpet, I had no idea they’d be so many options – from colours to fibres to whether you want Loop or Plush or Twist, the visit to Carpet Court was mind-boggling… but being spoilt for choice is a pretty fortunate problem to have I reckon.

In the end, we decided on wool carpeting because it felt gorgeous, is natural and will stay looking shmick for yonks. These days, even if you’ve got little ones prone to allergies or asthma, there are always carpeting options, such as nylon, that is more allergy-friendly and jackpot – a little friendlier on the old wallet. Speaking of watching your coin, synthetic carpeting is affordable, durable (GREAT for little kids and muddy feet) and looks SO much like wool that it’s seriously hard to tell the difference.

Even though I love the carpet in our bedrooms, my one true love is timber flooring. It’s timeless, gives maximum impact to large or small spaces and provides easy peasy clean-up for dropped sippy cups or one-too-many-cocktail drips, timber flooring supplies Melbourne has everything you need to keep your floors as brand new. Better yet, there is SO much versatility for your boards, with the days of one traditional stain being O.V.E.R. If you’re into dark, moody boards, then you can get them. Traditional oak more your flavour? Then yep, there’s something for you too. If you’re keen on a fresh Hamptons vibe, the gorgeous white-washed look might be your jam and if you want a spin on the traditional, chevron or herringbone patterns in muted grey tones will make your dream home a reality. The best bit? You can invest in a gorgeous rug, whack it over your boards and really have the best of both worlds!

There are loads of things to consider when dressing your floors, but if there’s one thing I would STRONGLY suggest, it’s consulting the professionals who are more devoted to flooring that we are to chocolate and vino. They’ll talk you through the best options for you and your family, take your budget into account and above all, make sure you’ve got a house that looks and feels exactly how you want it.

If you’re on the hunt for that perfect flooring, hit up the legends at Carpet Court. They’ve seriously got EVERYTHING you need, from timber and laminate flooring to more carpeting options than you can poke a stick at. They’re the peeps in the know and will make shopping for your dream floors easy – and even a little bit exciting.