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Christmas DIY: Party Stirrers

Brooke by Brooke
December 16th, 2014

I love a little Christmas DIY as much as the next person but I am not into complicated. So when I stumbled across this DIY for drink stirrers I got very excited. Can’t wait to show and tell this with you…

What you’ll need:

barbeque skewers



1-inch circle punch (optional)

Craft glue or even better Mod Podge if you can get your hands on this (craft stores sell this or you can buy online)



sewing pins


What to do:

Start by either punching or cutting out 1-inch circles from the cardstock and cutting the barbeque skewers in half.


Decide the color you’d like the dots for your swizzle sticks. Each stick will need two dots, so glitter accordingly. Spread a generous amount of glue on one side of each dot and sprinkle with glitter. Let dry and retouch as needed.

Once the dots are dry, take one dot and spread glue three quarters of the way around the edge on the unglittered side. Attach the matching dot. On the edge with no glue, place a pin inside to hold the space open. Let the dots fuse until the glue is almost dry, then slip in the end of a barbeque skewer. The fit should be snug.


Finally, spread another layer of glueover the glitter to finish.


Last step…pour the drinks people! B xx

Thanks to The Sweestest Occation for this idea!