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Now THIS is how you decorate a Christmas tree!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
November 28th, 2019

You guys, this Sunday is the 1st December which means ’tis officially the season to eat, drink, and of course, whack up your Chrissy tree.

The thought of spending a few hours strategically placing lights and ornaments all over your tree will either make you so happy that you’ll want to cover yourself in tinsel and chug brandy flavoured custard all afternoon, OR it’ll fill you with more dread that doing your tax return. Either way, if you celebrate Christmas, that puppy is going up whether you like it or not – so we thought we’d give you some inspo to shake it up a bit and make dressing your tree a little more exciting this year.

I’m certainly no decorating expert, but I reckon there’s a basic rule of thumb to follow when it comes to Christmas trees – a) you chocker that baby up with as many ornaments as possible which is perfect for making even the saddest tree look full and lush OR b) you let the tree be the hero and go super sparse with the decs.

And remember – NO tinsel. Ever.

A lil’ bit of rainbow heaven.

The check, the mint, the white poinsettas. Chic AF.
Image: Parties for Pennies

Big baubles, pine cones and glorious pops of cotton make this a rustic beauty.
Image: Love Grows Wild

Perfect if you’ve got zero room, or little hands or paws around.
Image: Getty Images

If you like traditional, this baby is a winner winner Christmas dinner.
Image: Jen Woodhouse

A winter-themed tree chockered with gorgeous baubles, hessian and yarn balls.
Image: Vicki Bartel

Instead of ornaments, make tags displaying old pics or messages to your loved ones. Love this.
Image: Country Living

When it’s this perfect, all you need is some lights.
Image: Douglas Friedman

Pink gorgeousness
Image: Kelly Smith

Ditch the traditional and consider pretty pastels.
Image: Janis Nicolay

Perfect tree – check. Fairy lights – check. Ribbons – check. Perfection – check.
Image: Alyssa Rosenheck

This hay bale Christmas tree is the shiz.
Image: Buff Strickland

Pink and gold are prettyyyy!
Image: Kip Dawkins

Pom poms never looked so good! You can get the kids on the job and DIY these too.
Image: Sugar and Cloth

A wooden garland is so much better than tinsel.
Image: The Merrythought

Got a tree that’s seen better days? Plug all those holes up with feathers and flowers for dreamy, plushy goodness.
Image: Jeweled Goodness

How good is this tree made of pine cones?
Image: Country Living

Ditch the ornaments and go gorgeously floral instead.
Image: Design Love Fest

If you didn’t think ‘glam disco’ and Christmas went together – think again. Studio 54 perfection.
Image: Studio DIY

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