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9 crafty cleaning hacks that even we will use

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 14th, 2016

Who DOESN’T love a good cleaning hack? Anything that is a short cut to leaving your house looking like Mr Sheen and Spray and Wipe had a love fest in your abode gets our attention every time. Here are some awesome tips that we’d never heard of before that we thought you might enjoy…

Removing crayon from your walls: What is with kids drawing on every surface BUT the paper?! Got a mini Picasso who thinks your gorgeous white walls are a massive canvas for their artistic stylings? A tube of Colgate is all you need to erase their handy work – scrub the crayon mark gently with a cloth and then wipe clean with a damp sponge. Clean and tartar-free walls for everybody!

Deep-clean your blender: If you love a green smoothie or whizzing up a fancy cocktail, this tip is for YOU! You know how sometimes the inside of your blender gets that grimy, ‘foggy’ build-up that no amount of Morning Fresh can penetrate? Try this: Squeeze the juice of one lime, add two cups of water and let your blender run for two minutes. The result is a a blender so squeaky-clean that you could basically use it as a vase…and no elbow grease required!

Get rid of scuffs from your patent leather shoes: NOTHING ruins a hot pair of heels like an ugly scuff. Nothing. Luckily for patent leather lovers everywhere, all you need to erase those marks is some trusty Vaseline and a cotton bud. Dip that bud in some Vas, gently rub along the scuff and hey presto – it’s a brand new pair of shoes! That deserves a night on the town to celebrate we reckon!

See ya later Scuffy McScufferson

See ya later Scuffy McScufferson

Get that jewellery sparkling again: Take a toothbrush (for cleaning purposes only), whack on a bit of toothpaste and gently scrub your bling. Rinse, leave to dry and then take to town blinding people with that sparkly goodness.

Remove acrylic paint from clothing: Shouting, “Who wants to do some painting?!?!” to your kids always sounds like a good idea at the time – until someone manages to get paint on their clothes. Party over. Get some Isopropyl Alcohol (your local chemist should have this in stock) and spray acrylic paint stains with it and it should come right off. If that paint is a party pooper and doesn’t want to play nice, try using a razor to gently pry that sucker off.

Yeah, good one kids.

Yeah, good one kids.

Get rid of baked-on food on glass baking dishes: Grab a piece of aluminium foil, roll it into a ball, squirt a bit of dishwashing detergent and go to town on that caked-on cheese/pasta sauce/burnt bits on your glass baking dishes. FYI – if you can, soak the dish in boiling water as soon as you empty the food out to soften the grossness a bit – the less elbow grease required, the better.

Get rid of animal hair from your carpets: Got a hairy pet? I’m not an animal lover so this is so gross to me, but if you have pet hair in your carpet, use a squeegee to easily get it out of the fibres and it’ll come together like one, big fur ball. A bit revolting, a lot brilliant. But if you just don’t have the time to clean all your carpets, CleaningPro are cleaning carpets of various fibres and I must say that they can do their work pretty well.

Remove lipstick stains from clothing: Lipstick on your collar? Even dirty dogs (or clumsy ladies) need to know how to remove it and it’s easy peasy. Spray the stain with hairspray and leave it to sit for about ten minutes, then dab the area with a damp cloth and chuck into your washing machine. Evidence is GONE!

Get that stainless steel sparkling! We’ve been duped people – stainless steel is anything but stainless, with fingerprints and watermarks being the biggest kitchen cleaning gripe of our lives. Makers of whitegoods had the right idea back in the 80’s with those easy-to-clean white panels that left zero streaks! To get your appliances looking as brand spanking new as the day you took them out of the box, try some glass cleaner on a microfibre cloth and gently rub in the same direction as the grain – if you look closely you’ll see it, just like wood grain. Happy Windex-ing!

10,000 bottles of Windex were harmed in the making of this kitchen.

10,000 bottles of Windex were harmed in the cleaning of this kitchen.

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