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If you’ve ever felt frustrated in a fitting room…

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 24th, 2018

About a month or so ago, I found myself in the middle of a major Melbourne shopping centre bawling my eyes out like some sort of giant-sized toddler who’d been denied ice-cream.  With an opener like that, you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’d just heard some hardcore bad news like the world’s wine production had been halted or something – but, no. I had just gone shopping for an outfit and my tantrum moment was borne from the most intense frustration after walking out of yet ANOTHER shop with no luck.

20 kilograms ago, I used to love shopping and the seemingly endless clothing options that were constantly available to me. But over the years as my body has changed, it has become my least favourite thing to do. What used to be fun has now become a dreaded activity that I know will end in disappointment and as a result, a week-long slump that finds me getting around the house in my PJ pants for most of the day.

Now, I’m not a petite person by any stretch. I’m around 5’7 and a good size 14 with massive boobs that admittedly make my shopping missions that extra bit harder, but I’d say my general body size is pretty bang-on with the average Aussie woman. So, what I find myself wondering with increasing fury is – WHAT THE FUCK is going on with the bullshit sizing options available in mainstream shops?

20 kilograms ago, I used to love shopping and the seemingly endless clothing options that were constantly available to me.

It’s actually just really, really stupid business sense, because when us ‘average’ chicks hit the shops, we’ve generally got juiced-up wallets we are more than happy to unload the contents of in exchange for some new threads. The answer seems like a no-brainer: extend your sizes and TAKE OUR MONEY. You will have a shit tonne more turnover and we will support and advertise your business by wearing your clothes.

And just another thing before I take my ranty pants off… for the love of God shops, get your sizing right. I’ve flat out stopped even stepping inside one store that I will not name (but if you wanna play along, it starts with the last letter of the alphabet) because their sizing is so downright ridiculous. I actually couldn’t give a rat’s arse what size that tag says as long as it looks good, but please don’t label size 12 clothing as an XL. It’s frustrating and more than a little disheartening.

Katie Sturino, the woman behind the site The 12ish: Style for Size 12ish-18ish Girls Living In a Size 2 World, is tackling this very issue on her Insta account. And she’s nailing it. Katie is a US Size 12 (AU 16) and is behind the #makemysize movement that calls out stores who use unrealistic sizing and in turn, make women feel shit about their bods. Here are some of her awesome pics…

“Zara is at the top of the #MakeMySize list bc they have been making me feel bad in the fitting room for years. In fact, I stopped even trying about 6 years ago. Went in today, same deal. This is an XL and I can’t get my arms down let alone try to close the front.”
Image: Instagram @the12ishstyle

“I’ve hit my limit with designers who don’t consider my body type! Please post your frustrated fitting room selfies and the styles you wish were available to you with the #MakeMySize hashtag…they are listening…let them know❤ (these are @frame jeans size 32/XL/14)”
Image: Instagram @the12ishstyle

Hey @joie 👋🏼 #makemysize so @huntermcgrady and I can wear your clothes too! I couldn’t even find a bottom to not fit me🤦🏻‍♀️ Won’t stop posting until we have more options 👊🏼👊🏼(My pants are from @loft) We are wearing a size L/12 from @joie
Image: Instagram @the12ishstyle

“#MakeMySize This is how small the largest sizes in @clubmonaco are on me. @clubmonaco your store is lovely and I want to wear about 80% of it’s contents so please #makemysize”
Image: Instagram @the12ishstyle

Image: Instagram @the12ishstyle

Image: Instagram @the12ishstyle

The fact of the matter is this: women over a size 12 want to look cool too. We want to feel good in our clothes and when you don’t stock our size and/or use unrealistic sizing, it makes us feel sad and frustrated. It also makes us think there’s something ‘wrong’ with our bodies. So, help a gal (and your sales) out and UP THOSE SIZES. Please.

You can follow Katie and The 12ish Style on Instagram here.

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