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What’s HOT in bedding right now…

Stacey by Stacey
November 5th, 2015

Helllooooo SUPER ace bedding! Back in Feb we introduced you gorgeous Show+Tellers to Inga Rodd of Goosebumps bedding and today we are showing you her awesome new kiddie range AND more importantly her INCREDIBLE new adult range that we are absolutely swooning over BIG TIME!!

Think colour, pattern, nostalgia and just plain beautiful designs. We asked Inga what her inspiration was behind her very first adult range and well…it got us thinking about how bloody awesome our child hood milk bar was and all those other childhood memories that we had forgotten about.

Check it out…


WOW WEEEE another gorgeous range you clever duck. Tell us about the inspiration behind the incredible prints on your new quilts, sheets and pillowcases…

The inspiration for this SS15 Down Yonder collection was a trip down my memory lane when I was a wee lass living in St.Kilda before it became cool. From playing board games such as Snakes and Ladders to munching on sweet Gingerbread. The Snakes and Ladders print was hand drawn by me. Then graphic designer I was working with at the time actually used my hand drawn doodles as part of the print. The Gingerbread Girl is cute, she’s pink, has a pearl necklace and I super kick arse. Out with the gingerbread boy and hello girl power and Gingerbread GIRL!!!!

The season was also about launching my first ever adult collection. Dusk til Dawn was inspired by summer nights in St.Kilda and the sight of the horizon illuminated by magical pink hues. The Tutti Frutti design reminds me of my favourite outfit as a child that was a crop top and MC hammer pants with this radical print that I tried to re-create. The Pop Rocks design bought me back to my childhood milk bar (remember when they were cool?!) and you could buy not only a thousand mixed lollies but the ever famous Pop Rocks candy that with each snap, crackle and pop brought me immense pleasure and excitement as a child. Sad but true…


The kids range is SOOOOO adorable. We love them especially the Gingerbread Girl pillowcase, tell us how you decide on these ranges…do you chat with your own brood?

I have so many idea’s and concepts for design that it’s really hard to reign it all in as I’m a bit of a mad hatter in that way. I always look for inspiration in my real life as a mother of twin boys, my past and the future. As my boys are a bit older now I have asked them for their input which is always a laugh hearing their responses as they’re still only 4.  I’m a huge lover of fashion and always follow what’s happening on the runways and adore my lifestyle/homewares magazines with a bit of trash thrown in for good measure. What did we do before Instagram too???? I need help…..



What’s up next for Goosebumps? You seem to be everywhere right now…are you pinching yourself?

We’ll continue to bring you fun and vibrant designs and are always working on developing new products. We pinch ourselves everyday as this really is a dream job and has bought us so much joy. The industry and the amazing people we’ve met continue to inspire us.


Tell us how we can buy this fabulous new range…we are chomping at the bit?

Down Yonder is available to purchase through our website www.goosebumps.net.au We ship all around OZ and overseas. We hope you all love this collection as much as we do and thanks for all the love and support from everyone and especially you lovely girls at Show and Tell. I must add that I go to bed every night with an extra 30 mins to spare so I can hop on your site and listen to all the hilarious video’s and awesome interview’s. Keep doing’ what ya doing’. Peace xo


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