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Turn off ya TV, ‘cos Aus Gov launch app to keep you up to date on COVID-19

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
March 29th, 2020


We are living in some seriously weird-arse, anxiety-inducing, Twilight Zone-ish times right now. Even if your usual demeanour is cucumber cool, there’s no doubt you’re feeling a little stressed over how COVID-19 is blasting its way through the world. On top of it all, it’s highly likely that your irritation level with your family is probably at a solid 16/10 right now because people – even the ones we love the most – are pretty fucking annoying.

Also, you’re probably confused about the current state of things.

There is a shit tonne of incorrect facts, figures and downright ridonk advice from well-meaning friends and family doing the rounds right now that it can be really difficult to sort the truth from the rubbish. You know the stuff I mean – texts and social media messages with stuff like, “PLEASE REPOSTA friend who is a doctor said if you eat three garlic cloves, gargle with soy sauce and then eat seven peanuts, you won’t get the virus”. 

Staying caught up in the CONSTANT media cycle is also not doing our mental health any good.

Thankfully, the government has just launched a new Coronavirus Info App called Coronavirus Australia which will provide current COVID-19 news updates as well as stuff like state-by-state infection rates, symptom-checker and health advice from officials who actually know what they’re talking about.

Image: ABC

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the Coronavirus Australia App “Will assist you to get the accurate and timely information about what is being done by governments around the country to support you, as you and your family, and your household and community work through the difficult months ahead because of the Coronavirus.

“It’s important that we report the facts in this. Everybody has a role to play to ensure that people are getting the right information, and we will seek to counter those things directly as I have done today.”

You can download Coronavirus Australia in the Apple App and Google Play Stores.

Stay safe, peeps. And for fuck’s sake, STAY HOME.

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