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How to cover up a cold-induced red nose

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 13th, 2016

Ugh. Winter is here and it’s here with FULL force. While none of us are immune to the sniffles, there is a way to disguise the tell-tale signs of a snotty nose that has been rubbed raw from 784 nose blows; ‘cos the Rudolph look might be cute on December 25, but that’s about it.

Firstly – and I know this seems like a no-brainer – but go gentle on your snoz. While the idea of a handkerchief really grosses me out, if you can bear using them, try to give your nose a break from the tissues as these are generally much gentler on the skin. If you can’t face re-blowing into a snotty rag (vom), buy the best quality tissues you can. It might just sound like clever marketing, but think of it like toilet paper – the more you pay, the better the quality, so go for the fancy aloe vera or moisture infused ones.

  • Moisturise like a demon: Before bed, slather on some gentle, hydrating oil (we LOVE Go-To Exceptionoil) and let that sink in. If your nose resembles Pampas Puff Pastry in the flakiness department, apply a rich night cream on top to combat the dry skin that can come from a nose rubbed raw.
red nose

This EXCEPTIONAL combo has your back.

  • After a really gentle cleanse in the morning, it’s time to cover that redness. Go in with a little bit of the hydrating oil you used earlier and let that sink in for a couple of minutes. Now is a good time to apply some lip balm because chances are, all that mouth-breathing has left you with chapped lips too.
  • Get your mitts on a green concealer (Physician’s Formula do a great double-ended green corrective one you can pick up from Priceline) and with a light hand, cover the really red areas. The green tint will help counteract the redness and bring it down a notch. Look for a creamy formula and dab on sparingly and gently. No rubbing.
  • Now go in with your normal concealer – the one that matches your skin colour. Again, use something creamy or liquid-based here so there’s no ‘drag’ on the skin. Use your fingers to warm up the product and again, dabbing and gently pressing into the skin is key here.
  • Finally, set all your handy work with a powder. Use the softest bristle brush you have and gently press a small amount over the area you’ve worked on. Be light-handed and don’t over-powder otherwise it could turn to crusty o’clock in a matter of moments.

Now it’s just time to rub some Vicks on your chest and take on the world like the goddess you are.

Do you have any flu-fighting tips to share?

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