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Crafternoon cards.

Monty by Monty
May 13th, 2013

I’m a card a holic. I will spend hours perusing the card aisle of newsagency’s and book stores. I have been known to spend a small fortune on the cardboardy goodness. I love writing cards to my friends because I express myself far better in the written word. A pretty little card with lovely words inside is a real treat to write and even better to receive.

This isn’t a cheap addiction let me tell you. Some cards are creeping up to the $15 mark. Yes I said FIFTEEN DOLLARS. So now, I refuse to spend any more coin on the type of cards that I can just make myself.

So, I decided to have a crafternoon of card making. I could sell these babies for a small fortune. I’m rather proud of myself because I am the most uncrafty person getting around but check out how rad these are.

My local coffee shop doubles as a cool little gift/paper shop. I noticed some stunning Japanese print paper the other day. I bought three sheets for $2.50 each. I love brown recycled paper so I also purchased some envelopes for 80 cents each and got my card making on.

IMG_3098 2

What you will need for your card crafternoon.

* Pretty paper that tickles your fancy. A4 is a nice and easy size to work with.

* Cardboard to make the card a little thicker and to write your message on. (A4 so its the same size as the pretty paper.)

* Scissors

* Glue stick (like you had in primary school.)

Step one: Cut the pretty paper and card board into four even bits.


Step two: Make a fold at the top of the pretty paper and apply the glue to the fold. Stick the top part of the fold to the card board.


Step four: Write some super sweet words on the card and pop it in the post.

How easy is that. And how cool do they look!?!

I made 12 cards in about 12 minutes for next to nothing.


Happy crafternoon crafty cats.

Love Monts.