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The 5 biggest decorating mistakes you need to avoid!

Stacey by Stacey
August 6th, 2015

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are used to that we don’t even see the things that are changing the beauty of our homes…and often it is something quite simple and inexpensive.

Today I am going to tell you five decorating mistakes that you should definitely avoid…

Ignoring the importance of good lighting

Let’s be honest…feeling like you’re on stage with bright lights in your face isn’t ideal for the home. Find lights that are dim and soft white for all the rooms in your house, even your bathroom. Lighting needs to ensure it is flattering and inviting. Check out the pic below for an example of how to do it rightshow.

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Too many crazy paint jobs

Lay off the different colours for every room and crazy textured paint jobs. Keep it simple and choose wisely. Less is more in the world of decorative painting. Check out a good example here…

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Karate chopping your cushions

I’m not sure how this ever came into trend but doesn’t it seem a little bonkers. Or should I say, hotel room like? Let’s stay away from karate chopping our gorgeous cushions. We would rather everything looked lived in.


Grouping candles together

Some of the best advice I have ever been given is to group things/accessories and your ornaments into three’s. It really does work and makes a hard to style area much easier…but grouping candles together has certainly seen it’s day.


Pushing your furniture against the wall…especially your couch

I know, I know, sometimes this is SUPER hard to avoid. But try and just pull your furniture away from the walls, particularly in your lounge and think of your number one goal is to create a comfy, cozy and intimate area to chat and bond with family and friends. If you’re a bit stuck for ideas…try putting a bench or shelf before the couch to achieve this. See this pic below.


We hope these tips are helpful…let us know if there is any other tips you would love to see on the site?