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The teenage angsty goodness that goes into a diary

Monty by Monty
January 29th, 2017

When I was a kid I dabbled in diary writing. When I was about nine I had a dinky diary (remember those!?!) and I would write little things in there like; “Jessica and Sarah are being mean to me at school” and “remember to pat the cat for five minutes today”.


When I was 11 I got a big kids diary that said ‘DIARY’ on the front and was full of lined pages for me to fill with my eleven year old angsty feels.

I vividly remember sitting on my single bed in my pink room (so typical), writing about things like the boys I had a crush on,  how I would bend my fingers back a bit during nail check at netball and how when I ran out of clean undies I would steal my sister’s. Big important shit like that resided inside my locked little diary.

The first page of that diary I wrote about how committed I was going to be to writing in it daily. The next date I wrote anything on those pages was about a month later where I proceeded to apologise to the diary for not writing in it for so long.

I really admire how people keep a diary/journal. You have to be so disciplined, but the pay off would be incredible. Even if you never read over it again, your kids or grandkids would get to read what your life was like from your point of view. Amazing.

Lots of us blog now and in a way that’s a form of keeping a diary too. Kinda feels like the good old lined paper diaries are a thing of the past.

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