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Who knew so many of us have the same dirty little secret?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 22nd, 2020

If you’re a fan of Sex and the City, you’ll remember an episode where the girls talked about their Secret Single Behaviour (SSS); the stuff they do when no one is watching, ESPECIALLY their partners.

For some of us, that SSS could be a sneaky durrie in the backyard after a few too many vinos. For others, it’s plucking our nipple hairs behind closed bathroom doors (you know it’s true). However, what I’ve come to find out over the last few episodes of our Show + Tell podcast is that for many people out there, the dominant SSS they’re hiding is their love of Coca-Cola. Most notably, Coke of the ‘diet’ variety. You know, the DC that’s loaded with a heap of shit that is most definitely not meant for our insides; stuff like aspartame and phosphoric acid – the ingredient used to remove hard water stains and restore rusted metal. Yum.

It’s gross… but geeeeeez it tastes good. I know, because I’m mad for a DC. Even a Coke Zero. Hell, if I’m feeling wild, I’ll even chug the OG, sugar-filled stuff. There’s no substitute for the crack of the can and unlike Solo, it’s heavy on the fizz, so you can’t slam it down too fast, unless you want to combust from the built-up air in your guts.

We recently spoke to two gorgeous Show+Tell podcast listeners, Leigh and Nadja, who both admitted that their ‘dirty little secret’ was smashing an ice-cold can of the old DC or Coke Zero. Nadja said she would NEVER drink it in front of her kids or husbo, so retreats to the garage fridge to sneak a slurp of the good stuff.  You can listen to that ep below…

I actually don’t really mind my kids see me chug a DC from time to time. I tell them it’s bad for their developing bodies and can stunt their growth, but because I’m fully-grown, I can have a little here and there. Of course, we all have our little habits we try to hide, but I reckon as long as it’s not TOO detrimental to your health and you’re doing it in moderation, it’s a-ok. Those nipple hairs though, they’ve gotta go.