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DIY a hanging bulb light!

Brooke by Brooke
August 6th, 2014

I almost fell off my chair with excitement when I saw this DIY and couldn’t wait to show and tell it with you!

I am loving the hanging bulb light look right now. I am currently renovating and driving my husband crazy because I want one in every room (I know, I know, it’s too much. I get it.)

If, like me, you love these lights, you will love today’s Make-it Monday. You can re-create the look yourself and it is ridiculously easy!!


What you’ll need:

A cord with a lamp socket (available from bunnings or any other local hardware store)

Gold paper


Toilet roll



What to do:

Start by cutting a piece of the paper in the same size as the paper roll.

Glue the paper on to the roll and gently pull the paper roll over the socket. If you want it to hang you’re pretty much done! Yep, easy-peasy hey? However, if you want your light to stand, just make a little hole on the bottom of the roll, and place the cord there.


Yep, it’s that easy!

Check out these cool uses of the hanging bulb light for inspiration…

hanging light6

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haning light3