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Is this the best food comeback of all time?

Steph Grapsas by Steph Grapsas
September 22nd, 2018

You know what? There’s one VERY underrated food we need to revive, quick smart. A timeless classic that can’t be overshadowed by the shocking return of the perm (that’s a whole ‘nother story), or trendy trackies.

The skewer.

My word, what a genius invention this is. The skewer / kebab / kebob brings together any colour or flavour you can imagine, all in one neatly packed hit. You’ve got your meat, your veg, your crunch. Colour. Nutrition. It is literally THE. ENTIRE. PACKAGE.

How can one improve on perfection? Like this…

Whack it in. Cut it up. Grill. Slay.

The inventor of The Kebabzi really has killed both proverbial birds with one stone.

  1. Made it easy for us to create flawless skewers.
  2. Made skewers cool again.

It might be time to get these babies back on your weekly dinner menu rotation. You don’t even need to make a side of veg – you just put some greenery on that skewer.

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