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The THREE tips you need to survive your Easter road trip

Brooke by Brooke
April 12th, 2017

There’s no better time for a road trip than the Easter break. The autumn weather is not too hot and not too cold, everyone is in good spirits knowing that they’ve got a few days off and of course, there’s all that Hot Cross Bun and chocolate mouth-shoveling to look forward to.

The thing is, road trips ain’t always fun when you’ve got kids in tow. We recently took a six-hour road trip to visit my sister-in-law and in the confines of our Mazda, my kids brought out parts of me I never knew existed. Of the rage-y variety. My fault really; I assumed that the fact that they were a bit older meant all I needed to do was give them their iPads and they’d be sweet. I didn’t factor in that looking down at screens would make them both feel car sick, so it was a long, LONG trip for all of us.

So if you’re planning a road trip with your kiddos this Easter, learn from my mistakes and take these THREE tips that’ll make getting to your destination a little less hellish and more F.U.N – Fairly Un-Nightmarish.

DON’T GO. Ha! Just jokes….

1 PACK FOOD AND LOTS OF IT: Now’s the time to throw a bit of caution to the wind when it comes to naked foods and pack some of your kids’ faves. You see, when kids are eating, they can’t talk and no talking means sweet, sweet silence! Seriously though, delight your little ones with some of their fave treats and they’ll be so stoked to chow down on them that they’ll forget about bickering with each other. And remember: an iced donut solves most problems, so stock up on the good stuff and be sure to pack equal amounts of everything so there’s no arguments over who got more pretzels; zip-lock bags are great for this. Just don’t forget the wipes for that sticky clean up.

and remember: an iced donut solves most problems, so stock up on the good stuff

2 THE BEST PLAYLIST TO GET YOU OUT ALIVE – AND KEEP THEM QUIET! Take my advice on this one – music is a game-changer for car trips. A good song can put a smile on the faces of your little guys and gals and that makes everyone happy. But with all the other stuff you need to do to get organised for the trip, sitting down to choose the right songs can be a bit of a slog. Australia’s top kids’ radio station, Kinderling, has taken the guess work out of it for you and compiled the ultimate road trip song list to keep your little ones bopping along for the ride. According to the survey, nearly two thirds of parents (62 percent) admit that their car’s soundtrack is dominated by children’s music (why are they the boss of US?) But there are tracks out there that everyone can get around. Over 1000 parents were surveyed and out of a list of 5500 songs, here were the winners for the five years and under age group…..


no road trip is complete without Adele.

  1. Let It Go– Indina Menzel
  2. Happy– Pharrell Williams
  3. Wheels on the Bus 
  4. Hello– Adele
  5. Hot Potato– The Wiggles
  6. Can’t Stop The Feeling– Justine Timberlake
  7. Roar– Kate Perry
  8. Land Down Under– Men at Work
  9. How Far I’ll Go– Alessia Cara
  10. Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars

There’s a real mix in there….some that’ll make you shake your booty and others that may require the use of noise-cancelling headphones to keep your sanity in check.

Kinderling’s Australian Family Roadtrip Mixtape of the top ten road trip tunes will be available at this link from 1pm tomorrow.

3 GAMES/STICKERS AND BOOKS – NEW ONES!  The trick here is to NOT tell them anything about your secret bag of goodies until the acting-up begins. Pull out some of your bargaining tools only when required and watch them squeal with delight when they eyeball their new play things. You don’t need to spend a heap of cash either; hit up your local $2 shop or Kmart for stickers and exercise books for their creations and consider borrowing books from friends with kids of a similar age. Even thriftier, pack some aluminium foil and tear off strips, scrunch them up and let your kids make their own foil sculptures. If you’ve got a bit of extra cash to splash, invest in engaging and creative activities such as magnetic storyboards, felt activity boards, mini whiteboards with Dry Erase markers or the good old Magna Doodle.

When all else fails, you can hum along to your Top 10 playlist while playing 7365 games of I Spy like we did. Are we there yet???

Happy Easter and let the good times roll!

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