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Ellen Pompeo’s new Hamptons home is NEXT LEVEL!

Brooke by Brooke
June 4th, 2017

Ellen Pompeo calls her new Sag Harbour home in the Hamptons her ‘modern barn’. I’m not sure there is anything ‘barn’ about this place though, it’s pure luxury to me!

This is no joke my dream home. I can see myself having drinks by the pool. The colours, styling, landscaping – everything is totally perfect.

The design enthusiast hired Estee Stanley and Brigette Romanek from California-based Hanckock Design, whose clients include Rachel Zoe, Chris Evans, Jessica Biel, and Ellen’s Grey’s Anatomy co-star Patrick Dempsey, to turn her dream into a reality. The actress says it was a group effort by the women. “I think we really came up with everything together. The house needed layers and it needed more architecture.”

And while it’s super stylish, Ellen says the end result is also relaxed and liveable. “Nothing is too precious. When you walk in you can sit on the furniture. You can spill things. You can be wet. But it’s still really beautiful.”

Ellen adds she didn’t want her holiday home to be like that of many other houses in the Hamptons, that are b-o-r-i-n-g. “It’s decorated in a way that’s a fresh look compared to those Hamptons places that all look like they’re owned by 60-year-old Hamptons billionaires, with the shingles and the light columns. They all put me to sleep.”

And this sure doesn’t put you to sleep. Swoon away…












You can check out Ellen’s just as stylish L.A home here.

* Pic credit: Douglas Friedman for Architectual Digest.