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Tattoos just got a whole lot cooler! This is awesome!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 15th, 2016

I got my first tattoo when I was 19 years old; an Asian symbol meaning ‘woman’ on my right shoulder blade. It was 1998 and Asian symbols were the tattoo du jour. My second is my kids’ first initials entwined on top of my right foot. Both predictable and pretty boring, but I’ve never considered having them removed because they both represent important times in my life.  Also, I just really like tattoos.

There are however, tonnes of people who have had some pretty regrettable tattoos and for them, their options are basically a larger, cover-up of the original or expensive and painful laser removal. That is, until now.

An up-close view of a tattoo being given. Ouch.

An up-close view of a tattoo being given. Ouch.

Students studying chemical and bimolecular engineering at New York University have created a tattoo ink that can be erased from the skin days, or even years, after the tattoo has been done. The ink, called Ephemeral, can be removed simply by having a topical solution applied on the design at the tattoo studio and just like that, it’s gone. Like it was never there.

This is great news for those toying with the idea of getting some ink but are unsure about making the big commitment, but to me, it sort of takes away the defining quality of a tattoo, which partly lies in its permanency. Regardless, it looks like erasable tattoos will be headed our way soon to the delight of many a tattoo-hating parent.

Do you have a tattoo – and do you regret it?


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