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And THIS is what exercise does to your brain!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 29th, 2019

This piece is brought to you by Fernwood but is absolutely all my own glorious story and words. Mx

I am one of those blessed humans who suffers from the twin pack known as depression and anxiety. Heard of it?

They are moles; big, old, nasty, all-consuming moles.

I first suffered from depression about ten years ago due to my health. I get chronic headaches and to top it off, after getting glandular fever I wound up with a super fun condition called chronic fatigue syndrome. Having ongoing conditions like that can start to get you down, and in my case, they dragged me into a dark place.

Over the years I have been on and off medications, been to counselling and tried everything and anything to help with my headaches, weary eyes and boggled mind.

Many people suffer from depression and anxiety, and although we speak about it a lot more now, unless you suffer from it, it’s hard to truly understand it.

I often look at my partner, who seriously seems to be the most stable and level-headed human around, and wonder how his brain works the way it does and mine works so differently. I wish I could inhale his ability to stress less and slow down – two things I am far from fabulous at.

The one thing that is a total non-negotiable for me is exercise. I know, I haven’t got a magic bullet here for you, but sometimes exercising comes pretty damn close. I have been in some funks in my time, but when I put my kicks on and move my arse it really shifts things for me.

I’m super strict when it comes to my weekly workouts and it’s not so my derrière resembles a rock – it’s mainly for my mind (although a rock arse would be more than welcomed).

I read an article published on the Harvard Medical School website (which makes me sound wayyy smarter than I am), and what I learnt is totally worth sharing – because exercising has HUGE benefits for our brain. When you exercise, the chemicals that are released do a plethora of ‘fabulocity’ to your mind. For example, when you exercise, you release chemicals in the brain that affect the health of blood cells, the growth of new blood vessels in the brain and also impact how well your new brain cells will thrive and survive.

But let’s not stop there, pull up a pew and take note. Exercise also helps your memory and thinking, improves sleep (yes please), improves your mood (YES PLEASE) and reduces stress and anxiety (YESSSS PLEASSSE).

We all know exercising is good for us but sometimes hearing just how truly brilliant and essential it is can motivate us that little bit more.

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