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A decision that may have cost a girl her eyesight

Monty by Monty
October 3rd, 2017

Oh my holy moly goodness gracious WHAT THE FUCK!?!

The other day I wrote about a poor broad who wanted to get her eyebrows tattooed to look like Princess Kate’s but surprise surprise, they ended up being disastrous and the poor chick has scarring and silly looking brows now. Loads of us are tattooing fake little hairs above our eyes and although not for everyone, done well, they can look awesome. Please note how I said ABOVE the eye.

This poor/silly chook thought getting her EYES tattooed purple sounded like a jolly good idea. No, no it ain’t – nothing about this sounds like a good idea.

Catt Gallinger is a Canadian model who thought she would get the whites of her eyes tattooed purple. As you do. Problem being the tattoo artist did a shit awful job and Catt’s eye swelled up and it started puking out the purple ink. Oh. My. God.

Catt turned to social media to warn others who might be tempted to ink their eyes, anyone? Anyone?

“As it stands I will have to see a specialist and am at risk of being blind if it doesn’t get corrected,” she wrote on Facebook.

“This was caused by undiluted ink, over injection, not enough/smaller injections sights. There are multiple people who can attest that my after-care was good and any other part of what I am saying.”

Catt and her tatt

Catt and her tatt

oh my gosh!

oh my gosh!

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 11.50.24 AM

The poor thing looks young and probably thought it would just be a harmless fun thing to do and even though it is foolish and permanent, we do dumb shit when we are young.

Fingers crossed she doesn’t lose her sight. And take this as your official warning: DON’T TATTOO YOUR EYEBALLS.

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