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5 INCREDIBLE facts about our period!

Monty by Monty
June 14th, 2018

At 11 years old I had about 16 pubes, boob buds and got my first period.

I remember ‘the day’ so vividly. I woke up at my dad’s place, went to the toilet to wee and when I wiped, there was blood on the toilet paper. Having an older sister I knew what it was straight away, but I just sat there in a bit of shock staring at the blood.  Some girls are elated when they get their period, I was anything but.

It decided to arrive when my grade six class was right in the middle of a week-long swimming lesson stint at school. What the actual fuck?!

I told my dad that I had left my bathers at mum’s, so before school he drove me home and I ran inside to grab some supplies. Having NO idea how to use a tampon, I stuck a pad on to my undies and put some spares in my bag. They were oddly tiny pads that I realised later were just panty liners.

For some reason, instead of faking being sick and ditching swimming, I went along like a stunned mullet. I put on my swimmers, whacked on a fresh panty liner and jumped in the pool. I will NEVER forget how anxious I was that the other kids would see it, or it would float out, or that I would turn the pool red.

I was the first to get my period out of all my friends by a long shot and I felt so insecure and embarrassed about it.

I know now how silly that is because it is obviously totally natural and normal, but I despised having it.

I don’t exactly jump for joy every month when it arrives now, but I’m far from embarrassed about it. There is still much stigma smashing to do around our periods. They are natural and normal and an integral part of life, so there should be no shame or embarrassment attached, however I do still find myself slipping a tampon up my sleeve while I walk to the toilet at work or in public. God forbid anyone know!

Half of the population get a period but if you are like me, you probably know little about it besides it comes (on average) once a month. So allow me to share with you some incredible facts about our periods. PERIODDDDDS!

1. The average woman will spend nearly ten years of her life menstruating.

In other words, about 3,500 days of the average woman’s life.

2. The average woman will use nearly 11,000 tampons over her lifetime.

Wow!!!! Go organic cotton with your sanitary products; the chemicals used on tampons are FULL ON and not what you want anywhere near your hoohaa.

3. Human females are one of the only mammals that go through menopause.

The only other two are elephants and humpback whales. Whaaaa?

4. You probably don’t bleed as much as you think you do

Although sometimes it might feel light a slaughter scene down there,  you actually only lose between a few tablespoons and half a cup of blood per period. Uterine lining and mucus also make up your flo.

5. “Tampon” is French for “plug”

Rip those facts out at your next dinner party!

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Here is the podcast link to the Change UP chat with Aimee Marks.

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