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The EIGHT foods you should NOT refrigerate

Stacey by Stacey
March 15th, 2017

If any of you have ever seen the video and images inside Monty’s fridge you will know she puts absolutely EVERYTHING in there. Literally. She would put her pots and pans in her fridge if they would fit. She says it’s because it keeps them fresher, but I know it’s really because she can’t be stuffed covering them with glad wrap or zip lock bags. I’m onto her.

And just to prove her REALLY wrong I decided to go in search of some expert opinions on what foods should and should NOT be put in the fridge. And some of them really caught me off guard.


Seriously, I put all my tomatoes in the fridge…don’t most people? Apparently, the colder they are the more taste they lose. The best tasting tomatoes are ones that are room temp.



Amazingly, it goes stale faster in the fridge than it does on your kitchen bench. It just needs to be in a cool dry place.



Keeping them in a dry cool place stops them from sprouting and if you put them in the fridge their strong aroma can taint the other foods around them.



The fridge does nothing to keep Garlic fresher for longer. Just a cool, dry place will do Garlic the world of good.

Garlic Cloves


A LOT of people say coffee should be kept in a cool place to keep it fresh but it’s actually a myth. Coffee actually absorbs the smells of the other foods around it in the fridge. Air tight containers are the best place for coffee.



Fridges can really take the taste and natural ripening of Avo’s away. They are best kept in a brown paper bag if you don’t want them to ripen too quickly. If you want them to ripen faster just pop them next to a banana in your fruit bowl.



I always bloody do this…I’m a real cake lover. Unless it has cream inside, leave your cakes in a container on the bench they last just as long. And cold cake out of the fridge is the pits anyway right?



Obviously, if the melon is cut it needs to be in the fridge but if it is uncut it should stay out of the fridge.


Did you know these foods are best kept out of the fridge? Any others we’ve missed?