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Have anxiety? This is ALL OF US!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 9th, 2020

Living with anxiety is the pits.

It’s exhausting, annoying and takes up WAY too much brain space to be fair.  Obsessing over worst case scenarios and feeling hyper-aware all the time can feel really lonely and frightening… and that’s not even touching on the constant overthinking. It can legit feel like torture sometimes.

Every now and then though, someone gives you a peek behind the curtain of what their anxiety is like and just that simple act of sharing can make you feel a certain sense of comfort and, funnily enough, less anxious.

Tiffany Jenkins from Juggling the Jenkins is a social media personality who makes hilarious content on heaps of stuff, but the vids she makes around mental health are THE SHIT. They are clever and funny and most of all, relatable for those of us who live with anxiety in our day to day lives… and let’s be honest, in our current situation, that’s probably all of us.

Tiff’s latest vid is called If My Anxiety Was Honest and my God, it is GOLD! Have a watch, a laugh and most of all, take some comfort in knowing that if you’re living with anxiety, you are definitely not alone.

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