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The secret to getting rid of a zit OVERNIGHT

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
August 16th, 2018

There isn’t much more annoying than having somewhere to go and waking up with a festering zit on your face. It’s Murphy’s Law; your skin is as clear as anything in the week leading up and then the day before – BAM! Hello, little (or big) blind/whitehead friend.

I’m a picker at heart and as soon as there’s an inkling of something on my skin, I got to town on that shit like a kid in a candy store, often making the problem way worse than if I’d just left it. But thank God for the ‘people in the know’, AKA Make-Up Artists, to come through with a handy solution for our zit-fighting woes.

Not just good on fries…

In an article recently published on Byrdie, a journalist shares the wisdom bestowed on her by an MUA for getting rid of a pimple fast – using practically no cash at all. So save your coin on pricey spot treatments that rarely do the job and head for your pantry and grab a pinch of everyone’s favourite seasoning – salt. Actually, grab the cheap as chips table salt that most of us steer away from in favour of fancier varieties like Himalayan and Celtic sea salt. In this case, budget works best.

Here’s what’s recommended if you wake up with a pimp that’s set up camp on your face – or anywhere, really:

  • Cleanse your face to get rid of any surface bacteria and sweat and/or makeup.
  • Grab a pinch of salt and apply it directly to the problem area. Depending on where it is, you might need to change your positioning to make it stay in place until you….
  • Grab a Band Aid and cover the area, locking in all that salty goodness.

How does it work? Well, while you get your precious beauty sleep, the salt goes to work on that zit by drawing out moisture and zapping bacteria, causing it to shrink like magic. Even if you’ve still got a bit of redness going on when you wake up, it’s nothing that a bit of concealer can’t fix.  If you’ve got a real doozy on your hands and the spot is REALLY red, use a thin layer of green concealer to cancel out the redness before applying one over the top in your skin tone. The beauty of this is the texture of the pimple changes, which is often the problem that you just can’t fix with make up.

Voila! Now go forth and spend up on that 90 cent, 1kg bag of Home Brand table salt from Woolies that’ll likely last an entire life time of pimples.


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