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This is the ONLY way to holiday with kids

Monty by Monty
March 3rd, 2020

We have collaborated with our pals at on this piece but every word is mine. Monts x

I live for holidays. Life without a trip on the horizon is a dull and grim existence. Even just one night away to break up the monotony that has become my reality is well worth penciling in. I’m a better human when I know I can escape.
Pre-kids our holidays were mega indulgent sloth-like vacays. Hours laying poolside uninterrupted beside the odd waiter refilling my G+T, a massage or six and a stack of books to inhale. Insert a big sigh!

Me, relaxing!

Now that we are two offspring’s deep and have unintentionally bred them wild, our holidays have become, how do I put this…VERY DIFFERENT!

There have been so many trips that have ended in serious tears and they haven’t been the kids either. When you have an expectation of how your trip is going to unfold and then the opposite happens, it causes major disappointment and breeding regret. When you move the chaos of life to a different location with none of your usual necessities around you it’s more often than not a one-way road to disaster. The kids get more demanding and needy because they didn’t read the memo that said RELAXING HOLIDAY. To them, it’s non-stop playtime and for you, it’s non-stop exhaustion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all up for an hour of Marco Polo but after eleven hours straight and not one uninterrupted word uttered to my partner, I am DONE!!

Holidays with kids are EXHAUSTING…unless you do it right. There are some strict rules to follow in order to have a holiday that the kids AND you will actually enjoy.

  1. Book accommodation that has childcare ON-SITE! There are loads of hotels that offer these services for a fee or even free. Using you can filter the results of your chosen destination by selecting ‘childcare’ and a long list of cracking places to stay will be at your fingertips.
  2. Book said childcare so you get some kid-free time
  3. Book said childcare AGAIN so you get some more kid-free time

Follow those three basic rules and you may actually come home from a family trip with your cup more full than when you left.

I religiously incorporate some time away from my boys on a holiday. I totally get that it can feel a little daunting leaving your kids with someone new so booking through the hotel is always the best option, helps to give a little extra peace of mind while you get a little solo or couple time. The simple joy of finishing a sentence is very underrated.

Our go-to for booking the ultimate holiday is

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