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You’ve never seen a razor ad like this before

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 4th, 2019

It’s funny how squirmy we can get at the sight of hair. Whether it’s a rogue strand hiding in the depths of our vegetarian risotto (ewwwwww) or a crop of fluff poking out of a cheeky winter armpit, it seems there’s something a bit… icky about seeing those strands in places we’re not quite used to seeing them.

There’s no doubt that legs, bikini lines and armpits are typically fuzz-free zones for women, (at least during the months they’re on display in public) but is that how it should be? I mean, if a woman feels free and comfortable enough to rock her natural look, letting her hair flow freely in places it would ordinarily be shaved/plucked/waxed/tweezed from, is there really a problem with it? Of course there’s not – but I would be totally lying if I said the sight of pubes poking out of a bikini wouldn’t make me pause for a second.

ads always show chicks shaving hair free legs

It’s strange really, because what is the big deal? Even if you’re as bald as a badger down there, you know that there once lived an army of wiry short and curlies covering your lady bits. We all know the pain, cost and/or inconvenience of remaining hair-free in order to play by the ‘rules’ of what is acceptable to show in society, but where did those rules even come from?

US razor brand, Billie, are bucking the notion that every woman MUST be hairless in public with their latest ad campaign – and it’s pretty damn fabulous. Hitting just in time to celebrate the Fourth of July festivities, a time where peeps hit the beach or hang at backyard barbies in sleeveless tops with their mates, it’s unlike any razor commercial we’ve ever seen…

Last year, Billie also came out with a campaign called ‘Project Body Hair’, a first to show women shaving ACTUAL HAIR off their bodies instead of just gliding a razor over hair-free skin like we’re accustomed to seeing…

Great, right? But also… a bit confronting, ‘cos it’s not something we’re used to seeing. It feels a bit, I dunno, intimate? I’m not quite sure how to word it, but I will say that during a time where we should be celebrating people for their differences, this has gotta be a step in the right direction.

In an interview with Refinery 29, the photographer and director of Billie’s ‘Red, White and You Do You’ campaign, Ashley Armitage, said, “Every summer, the media pressures female-identifying individuals to achieve that ‘beach body.’

“Everywhere we look, we see ads telling us that the only way to look good in a swimsuit is to be thin, fit and hairless. In this film, we wanted to normalise body hair and show that we have options.”

PERFECT… because while my conditioning to remain hair free will remain, a beach filled with bodies of different shapes, sizes, colours and hairiness sounds exactly how summer should look.

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