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You’ll NEVER wear a hair tie around your wrist again after this

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
December 2nd, 2015

Warning: This post contains graphic images

There have been times where I have worn so many hair ties around my wrist at once that it looks like I’m trying to make a fashion statement.

Apart from the odd occasion that I have somewhere fancy to go, I am never without one of these life-savers around my wrist and even then, I’ll sometimes let them join into an arm party of stackable bracelets. Clever chameleons. They have got me out of a seriously bad hair-jam one too many times and being without one fills me with a weird sort of dread that a hair catastrophe could strike at ANY moment.

That was until I saw THIS story.

Be warned folks, this is graphic and if you’re queasy at the site of human flesh, then you might just want to buckle up, because you seriously have to see this.

Audree Kopp, a woman from Louisville, Kentucky, received an almost invisible scratch on her wrist from a glittery hairband. Bacteria on the hairband made its way into Audrey’s system.  We’ll let the pics do the talking….

This is Audree:

audrey kopp

Audree loves sparkly hair ties like these:

audrey 2

Audree developed this bump where the hair tie had been on her wrist. Her doctor told her it was “no big deal” and put her on a course of antibiotics:

audrey 3

The bump turned into THIS. Eeeeeekkkkkk!!

audrey gross


Audrey narrowly avoided sepsis from the infection and her new medical team, headed up by Dr Amit Gupta, warned that carrying hair ties on your wrist can lead to these kinds of infections more easily than you would think.

Moral of the story? Keep your hair ties in your bag. Or your pocket. Or get a pixie cut so you NEVER have to wear one again.

Have you ever suffered an infection from a seemingly harmless item?

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