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Hairspray hacks that are actually useful

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 22nd, 2016

Hairspray is one of those items that sends me into a panic if I run out of it. I’m a bit of a hairspray junkie thanks to wild/curly/frizzy/fluffy hair. I’ve tried to give it up, but there’s simply nothing that holds back the pubes that grow out of the sides of my head like good old hairspray. Hair-wise, it’s my desert island product.

Even if you’re blessed with hair of the zero-frizz variety (lucky duck), there are so many ways you can use a humble can of hairspray that you may never have thought of. When I was a kid, I remember my mum spraying the inside of my skirts with hairspray to get rid of the annoying static, which has been a little trick I’ve continued to use as a grown-up.

Here are some other sneaky uses for that can of Elnett sitting in your cupboard collecting dust…

Hungry for more? Try these beauties….

Sewing genius: Look, the only thing I’ve ever sewn in my life is a button that fell off my daughter’s school dress so I’m not expert here, but I have threaded many-a-needle in my day for my mum, who does all my holey sock repairs and hemming. If you have trouble threading a needle, spray the end of the cotton with some hairspray and it’ll stiffen right up and make it WAY easier to pass through that tiny needle tunnel.

Zip fix: Got an annoying zip that just won’t stay up? Spray some of that 80’s goodness on it and it’ll stop your pants from slipping down and displaying your gorgeous plumber’s crack. No one wants to see that unless you’re an actual plumber, in which case, as you were. It’s part of your job description.

Handbag safety: Ok, it might seem a little cray-cray, but I’ve generally always got a little travel-size can of hairspray in my bag for both hair disasters and safety purposes. If anyone tries to mess with you, spray that shit in their eyes and while they’re temporarily blinded, kick them in the balls as hard as you can and RUN!

Lint remover: Got a much-loved clothing item that’s more linty-full than beautiful? Spray a microfibre cloth or old piece of sheet with lots of hairspray and rub along the lint and it should remove those annoying balls we all know and hate.

Spider slayer: There’s nothing as confronting as a big, hairy huntsman scaling your wall or trying to go all incognito behind a shelf.  I don’t want to touch that thing and while I know the right thing to do would be scoop it up and put it back outside with the rest of its creepy family, if you’re on my turf, you’re goneski. Spray that sucker with hairspray and he’ll be dead as a doornail and VERY well-preserved too. Now you can suck him up with the vacuum cleaner and send out the search party for the rest of his relatives….because we all know that where there’s one, there’s usually three others hiding.

Do you use hairspray for anything other than your hair?  Share!

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