Monty by Monty
January 4th, 2016

By no means am I a wino. I do thoroughly enjoy a glass of vino at night (most nights), but when it comes to wine chat beyond a basic pinot, I’m lost.

I find wine swirling and words like oaky and earthy wankerish. Just sip it and say yay or nay I reckon, cut the high-brow wine jargon.

I am one of those people that loves the taste of wine but I get cracking headaches from it. If I have one glass or five, the hangover is the same. I am ignoring the fact that I am most probably allergic to it because I really love the taste and the socialising around wine. Sipping on a vodka tonic at a dinner party just ‘ aint quite right.

So anyhoo, enough of the chit chat. I was talking with some of the fine dames I have met through my son’s kinder and they mentioned a magical potion that you add to wine or champagne and it gets rid of most of the sulphur. For many of us this is the nasty bitch of a thing that gives us the throbbing head. They add sulphur and preservatives to wine so it last longer, but these drops rid the nasties. It doesn’t change the taste or anything so don’t freak. One of the girls used to get such bad headaches from wine that she had to give it up (NIGHTMARE) but now she is back on the burgundy liquid fabulousness because of these drops. TOTAL GAME CHANGER!

They sell them in most bottle shops or Dan Murphy’s. The ones all the kinder mum’s are raging about is called Pure Wine’s Preservative Free Wine Drops. This is what it looks like.


I’m going to give them as little christmas gifts too. MAGICAL!

Have you tried or will you?