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Inside Hilary Swank’s RIDIC Paris apartment

Stacey by Stacey
January 21st, 2017

Hilary Swank sure has some serious taste – she purchased this apartment in Left Bank when she found herself head over heels in lurve. Her relationship has since ended but her incredible apartment sure stuck around. The high ceilings, the herringbone floors, the marble, the fireplaces and well…everything is just DI.VINE!

Did I mention the insane furnishings…my eyes can’t stop looking at the incredible velvet everywhere. Clearly there is no expense spared but how could you in an apartment like this in Paris!?! I mean…this is the way to do it.

Check this out…

Hilary-Swank-Paris_03 (1)



Hilary-Swank-Paris_08 (1)



Images via Architectural Digest