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Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 24th, 2020

This piece is brought to you by Haval, but is all my own thoughts and experiences. Mel x

Right now, there has literally NEVER been a better time to start planning your next chance to hit the open road and explore this fabulous country of ours.

With COVID-19 totally knocking the wind out of 2020’s metaphoric sails, all those plans so many of us had to go and experience a Euro summer or take the kids to Disneyland are down the toilet.

Yep, it’s majorly annoying and disappointing – but there’s no point spending all that approved annual leave on the couch watching the kids go bonkers and whining about their missed trip, you may as well use the time to look for your next holiday inspiration plans for when these lockdowns are over. It’s time to pivot your plans and get creative. You might not be hopping on a plane to see Mickey, but a vintage-style road trip could be your ticket out of madness very soon, and the perfect opportunity to bond with your fam while checking out some glorious pockets of Oz you’ve never seen before (and recovering from these lockdown blues).

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You can make your next 2020 trip as rustic or as glam as you like, but there are a few things you should really consider before hitting the open road. Here are some top tips for making your pending road trip as awesome as possible…


Snacks made easy!

Road trips can give you the feeling of spontaneity, but you’ve also got to have some idea where you’re headed. Even if one of you is in control and prefers to keep the destination a surprise for the rest of the gang, make sure you know all the boring stuff (like where to fill up on petrol and get food) as well as the fun stuff (like all the cool little towns and nature reserves you can stop at along the way.)


Nothing kills the fun of a trip more than a rumbling belly and a kid begging for snacks. Make sure you are stocked to the brim with portable munchies to throw at the wild ones in the back… think chopped veggie sticks and dips, fruit kebabs, pretzels, popcorn and other stuff that won’t make a huge mess. Make equal food packs for each kid using tackle boxes from your local hardware store or Kmart. You can also consider baking some cookies or cupcakes with the kids the night before you head off so it’ll give them something to look forward to when they get in the car.


Boring, yes, but make sure to check stuff like your water and oil levels, water in the wipers, and of course, the tyre pressure, before you head off. We all know SUVs are legit the ultimate car to road trip in and the Haval SUV is the king of the bunch. If you’re lucky enough to have one of these babies (especially the H2 and H6), kiss it, cherish it and thank the universe for all that fab legroom, boot space, the peace of mind of a five-star safety rating AND a fab tyre pressure monitoring system, making on-road holidays so much more comfortable and SAFE. If your car has refused to travel further and you’re stuck in the center of the highway, you will need car towing Dublin professionals to rescue you.


If you’ve got small kiddos, organising little treat bags with stickers, colouring books, and other cool items is a winner. Keep it as a surprise and hand them out if the going gets tough – it’ll keep them occupied longer than you’d think. My family also play a game my kids have coined ‘the alphabet game’ where you choose a theme like names, foods, animals, etc, pick a letter of the alphabet and take turns in naming things of that topic with the chosen letter. You’d be surprised how much more interesting it is than the dreaded ‘I Spy’. Get an excellent playlist for a fam sing-a-long prepared and if you’re lucky enough to have a roomy SUV like the Haval, get one of the grown-ups to jump in the back with them and rock out. They’ll love it.


Depending on how long your travels are, make spots to stretch the old legs interesting rather than necessary. If the weather is great, pack their bathers and towels and go for a dip in the ocean or choose a cool hiking or walking trail for a little walk and a picnic for lunch. The result? Pooped little tackers who’ll probably fall asleep faster than you can say, ‘are we there yet?’


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