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How much water SHOULD you be drinking each day?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
August 29th, 2018

In a time where dietary and wellness advice changes quicker than you can say, “the Prime Minister of Australia is…..” there is one piece of wisdom that is always in vogue.


We all know we gotta drink it for good health, great skin and you know, the pesky little fact that we would quite literally die within days of not having it. But how much do we actually need – and is the old ‘8 glasses a day’ really true?

While it’s not always as cut and dry as exactly eight cups, research shows that for women, it’s a pretty accurate guide. Factors like age, exercise frequency, the weather and weight can all influence how much aqua we should be chugging, so you may need to adjust accordingly, but 2.1 litres per day is the recommended amount for women according to the Better Health website. And if you’ve got a peen, 2.6 litres is your goal.

Kids are a slightly different ballgame, so here’s a guide to what they should be getting, as recommended by Better Health

  • 0-6 months old – 0.7 litres (found in breastmilk or formula)
  • 7-12 months old – 0.8 litres (in breastmilk, formula and additional drink and food)
  • 1-3 year olds- 1 litre
  • 4-8 year olds – 1.2 litres
  • 9-13 year old girls – 1.4 litres
  • 9-13 year old boys – 1.6 litres
  • 14-18 year old girls – 1.6 litres
  • 14-18 year old boys – 1.9 litres

time-marked water bottles are excellent for keeping you on track

But why the hell is water so important? Apart from the fact that every single cell in our bod needs it, the average adult loses a whopping 2.5 – 3 litres each day. And that shit needs replenishing. Water also does a heap of other cool stuff for us, like helping to eliminate the nasties our bodies build up from stuff like excess sodium and that nightly glass of vino we all love so much. It helps clear our bladders of bacteria, lubricates our joints, helps avoid constipation and headaches and of course, keeps our skin clear by keeping it nice and hydrated from the inside.

And if we don’t get enough? Think reduced mental and physical performance, dry mouth (resulting in bad breath), UTIs, kidney stones, dry, cracked skin, lips and nasal passages and actual dehydration, which is never good.

While I’m certainly no poster girl for perfect health, I will give myself a public round of applause for hitting my quota on the daily – because it is legit one of the only great things I consistently do for my body. I once heard starting your day off with a big glass of fresh water is like giving your body a shower on the inside and something in that really tickled my fancy. In the cooler months, getting our water in feels a little harder because it can make our bodies feel colder, so I fill up

my one litre bottle the night before so it’s room temp by the morning and I can start sipping straight out of bed without feeling like my nipples are going to snap off. Once that’s down, I fill her right back up again and after that I’m DONE. I also find drinking from a bottle that has a (reusable) straw heaps easier than directly from the glass.

Drinking water might be a bit of a snooze, but it’s so bloody essential. Plain, unflavoured water is the way to go, but don’t freak out and think you’re gonna keel over if you’re falling behind. Tea, almost all foods, juice, milk, soup and even soft drinks contain water, but you should still try get some of that pure goodness into you as much as you can. Your body – and your brain – will thank you for it.

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