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I just found out I am a massive pig… A BIG one. Are you?

Monty by Monty
December 10th, 2015

Ready to find out if you are a filthy piglet or a clean freak?

I like to think of myself as the Taylor Swift of the hygiene world. I am bloody squeaky clean… or so I thought I was until I answered the below questions HONESTLY.

Here are the questions:

How are often do you wash your bed sheets?

How often do you wash your bath towels?

How often do you wash your bras?

Now don’t judge me because the odds are you are probably as filthy as me… I wash my sheets every two weeks, my bath towels maybe on average once a week (if that)  and I RARELY wash my bra’s. I have a few in rotation but sometimes I will go weeks, maybe even longer without washing them. Is that totally wrong? I will even get multiple wears out of my sports bra’s. Yep, I will squeeze a double wear out of my stinky sports bra’s. I do, however, wash them WAY more frequently than my every day over the shoulder boulder holder’s…so ease up Judge Jude.

Research (who conducts these bullshit studies?) shows that from just ONE night’s sleep our bed sheets become a haven for dead skin, fungus, bacteria and wait for it…………feaces. Ew!

“They” recommend that we all wash our sheets weekly, if not more.

Our bath towels are also a haven for foulness like our bedsheets and “they” recommend that we wash our bath towels after EVERY use. What? That is so not happening in my house, I’m exhausted just thinking about the extra loads.

Now let’s chat bra’s. “They” didn’t cover the bra situation in the study but I conducted one with my friends who I also think are squeaky clean. ALL of my (five) friends that I quickly surveyed said they are super lax when it comes to washing their bra’s. Answers consisted of, “I can’t even remember the last time I washed my bra” to “hmmmm maybe like every couple weeks”.

For some reason when it comes to our bras, majority of us dames are a tad revolts. I figure unless it is stinky or overly obviously dirty, you can squeeze another wear out of them. All of a sudden I feel like I have turned from Taylor Swift into Courtney Love.

Truthfully, how often do you wash your bed sheets, towels and bras?

Ada Nicodemou is one lady who loves everything in her home to be squeaky clean. Our On the Couch chat was warm, real and honest and we reckon you’ll love it. Have a listen below and then come hang with us in podcast land here so you’ll get every chat delivered to your ear holes.