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This is weirdest and most f*#ked up thing you will see today

Monty by Monty
July 17th, 2019

The world has officially gone bonkers!

We used to want skinny arses like, six years ago, but now the blown-up peach is all the rage and if you don’t want to suck fat out of your guts or inner thighs and inject it in your arse like the Kardashians do, you can simply just set your derrière on fire.

The thing that creates warmth, you sing kumbaya around and toast your marshmallows on is now also being used to get temporary butt lifts.


The technique is called fire cupping and it’s similar to the cupping people do on their backs to help with injuries and blood flow and less narcissistic shit. The bum version uses a big pot with fire inside it that you shove on your poo shooter.

Watch below.

That is some messed up shit that looks painful. It lasts a couple of days, yes DAYS, not even weeks.