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Want more volume in your hair?

Monty by Monty
October 29th, 2017

There is nothing better than hair that has a shit load of volume. The more the better I say.

My hair is pretty straight and flat and flaccid. It has ZERO natural height so over the years I have worked bloody hard to make my wig reach the height of the ceiling.

I have recently gone quite light and must admit I LOVE the fact that being lighter makes big volume a lot easier to achieve. When my hair was dark and healthy it was tough to get any life. Also the shorter your hair is, obviously the easier it is to get volume.

So if you too crave to have luscious, voluminous locks, here is what I suggest after you view here

1. Don’t wash your hair every day. That is madness; get yourself some dry shampoo and use it a lot. Make sure you rub it in so you don’t look grey, but dry shampoo gives GREAT volume when combined with other product.

2. After you wash your hair, dry it upside down then add dry shampoo to the roots and dab in.


$19.95 at Hairhouse Warehouse

3. Get some texturising dusting powder – this will become your best friend, but it might take a while for the love affair to click in. If you are used to nice clean hair, the feel of this will take a while to get used to. Apply a sprinkle to the roots and mid-lengths of your hair. Start small to get a feel for it and play around with it. It’s easy to over do this baby so tap on the bottle lightly and add more as you desire.

$28.95 from Hairhouse Warehouse

$28.95 from Hairhouse Warehouse

4. To get volume put your hands under your hair and push upwards, don’t try and get volume from touching the top layer of your hair because it makes it greasy. Go from underneath  up.

5. Add more shampoo throughout the day.

Easy peasy and makes SUCH a difference to the volume in your hair. This will give you great height for a ponytail as well. A messy pony looks ace and these products work wonders for it.

My all time favourite hair crush at the moment is Carrie Underwood in the below film clip. Serious hair envy.