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The brekkie you could and SHOULD eat every day!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 6th, 2018

This post is sponsored by  Sweet Potato but is 100% my thoughts.

2018 is definitely here. Instead of a page full of to-do’s that never get done, I gave myself one big resolution to focus on… and that was to clean up my diet a bit (read: A LOT). Yes I know it’s kinda late in the year to be discussing this but better late than never yeah? This isn’t about going on a ‘diet’ or cutting carbs or any of that bullshit, but more about injecting more good stuff into my bod – because God knows I can’t continue to exist on scotch and chips like I have over majority of this summer. My insides are crying out for some goodness and this year, I’m gonna hit them with it. Hard.

Basically, the idea is that for every meal, I’m going to try and amp up the nutrient factor – but because I dig my food SO much, it’s gotta taste good. And fill my belly.unnamed (1)

My first big discovery has been sweet potato toast and if you haven’t heard of it yet, it will blow your socks off. As a white-bread-and-shittonne-of-butter kind of gal, this originally made me screw up my face a bit, but gee whiz it is GOOD. Real good.

Sweet potatoes are high in beta carotene, just like old mate carrot, which our bodies convert to Vitamin A that does loads of good stuff for our insides. Think immunity-boosting, skin, hair and nail goodness, as well as being chock-full of fibre to keep that digestive tract sweeping along nicely. It’s also great for our vision too.

Another MAJOR plus is that sweet potato toast is easy peasy to make – no pots or pans, just whack it into your toaster, get your toppings ready and you’re good to go. Additionally, virtually any topping tastes good on it because of it’s mild flavour, so you can go sweet or savoury depending on what you’re craving.

Ready to get toasting? Here are some tips on how to make the BEST sweet potato toast…

  • When choosing your sweet potatoes in the veggie aisle, look for the big, round ones; these work best for slicing.
  • Wash them well and peel if you prefer (lots of nutrients live in the skin, so if you can, keep it on).
  • Chop off the ends and cut your potato into slices lengthways, around 1/4 inch thickness.
  • Turn your toaster to maximum setting and load that baby up. Prepare for it to take at least two rounds to get the potato cooked through the middle, but this will be trial and error depending on your toaster. You’re looking for tender in the middle and golden brown on the outside.
  • Get topping! The sky is the limit here, but some of my faves so far have been:


  • Peanut butter, sliced banana, cinnamon, a drizzle of honey and crushed walnuts
  • Almond butter, fresh sliced strawberries and a sprinkle of coconut sugar
  • Ricotta, blueberries and maple syrup


  • Smashed avo, crumbled feta and chilli flakes
  • Scrambled eggs and bacon
  • Smoked salmon, red onion and capers
  • ‘Tuna salad’ – mixed tuna, celery, spring onion and mayo.
  • Pizza style (great for the kids): smear of tomato pasta sauce, ham, olives and cheese. Chuck under the grill to get that cheese nice and melty.

These babies are the definition of nutritious, delicious fabulousness and are perfect for breakfast, lunch, a quick dinner or an awesome snack. So get toasting!

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