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Hack your holiday: How to ensure your last-minute trip doesn’t break the bank

Kathy Sheeran by Kathy Sheeran
April 2nd, 2019

The longer you put off booking a holiday, the more expensive the trip is, right? Not necessarily, according to shopping expert and founder of Kathy Sheeran, who says she holds the keys to a price-perfect getaway.

From flights to frocks, there’s opportunities to make significant savings on every stop of your journey – sometimes all it takes is to simply download an app to potentially save hundreds!

Here’s Kathy’s five best tips on cutting through the stress – and relieving your wallet at the same time.

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1. Buy your holiday outfits before you holiday, not during: We have all heard the age-old stories of friends and family buying beautiful, expensive outfits overseas, only to return to Australia and find the same pieces for half the price. With the Australian dollar not performing particularly well overseas at the moment, make sure to take full advantage of any retail sales and deals, before departing on your holiday.

2. Travel debit cards, hidden in plain sight: Travel debit cards are one of the simplest ways to save and budget whilst travelling but their simplicity often gets overlooked. Look for ones with no international ATM and transaction fees from providers such as Citibank, ING and HSBC to save your hard earned money!

3. Book the trip via a cashback website: CASHREWARDS is Australia’s largest Cashback site with over 1,200 retailers, including AirBnB, Etihad, P&O Cruises and Crumpler. It’s free and super easy to join plus you can get actual Cashback on your bookings, not just points or credit. You just shop as you normally would and earn Cashback on your whole holiday. I earned $200 on my last holiday alone!

plan before so you can spend more time doing this!

4. Personalised itinerary for no fee? Sign me up! Keeping the kids entertained when travelling is a task in itself. The Visit A City app takes the hard work out of planning your day to day activities, leaving you with more time to actually enjoy the holiday and save. The app shortlists the best attractions for you to visit and plans your day for you.

5. Learn the lingo: Nobody likes to get ripped off at the best of times, let alone in a foreign country! Learn a little of the language by using apps such as Google Translate and Microsoft Translate to avoid that $250 cab fare. They are useful and effective plus you can use the camera with them to convert signs and menus in real time.

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