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How to sell online like a BOSS

Olivia White by Olivia White
October 27th, 2018

Upload multiple photos. For clothing take photos of back and front, close ups of detailing and of course any faults, stains or rips.

Take your photos in good light. Try not take them at night as it makes them yellow and casts shadows. A plain white/light background is best.


Hang the item or use a mannequin. I used to have a shop mannequin my MIL had in her old store and it worked great for displaying items. Obviously if you don’t want to buy one you can just hand the item.

Use descriptive titles. Use ‘discoverable’ words that people will be using to search for items like yours. It’s not just about the brand name but all descriptive things. For example, a Bonds Zippy could also use words like “Onesie, Coverall, Romper”

Use capitals in your title. This always makes your listing look more professional and appealing. And don’t forget to check your spelling, otherwise no one searching will ever find your item and it won’t sell.

Write a good description. Give as much detail as you can even if you feel like your repeating the listing details already given. People are idiots and will ask dumb questions so make it dummy proof.

Give as much detail as possible. This includes size, describing fit, condition, brand details, measurements. This means people are more like to purchase if they can be sure the item will fit and is what they want. Again it also stops people from asking you – although someone usually still will.

Have clear terms & conditions. Make sure you clarify your returns policy, if you even accept returns, postage and handling, pick-up term if you offer it, disputes etc. If your selling via Facebook and post to multiple pages then make it clear “Advertised elsewhere, No Holds, Cash on Pick Up Only”.


Use PayPal for payments. To make people feel more secure about their purchase use PayPal as the primary method. You can set this up within Gumtree and request for money within the app.

If selling on eBay, weigh and measure your items and charge postage accordingly. Postage can really sting you if you get it wrong. I use the eBay prepaid Australia Post bags. This means you can print labels from home and not even need to step foot in the post office. Big time saver!

Write and encourage feedback. This isn’t just for eBay, even Facebook Marketplace allows you to write about your experience and exchange with people. Encourage people to write a review and give them when you can – this will instil confidence with people to purchase from you.

This post was originally published as Tips To Making $$$ While Selling Online by the fab Olivia White. You can read heaps more from Olivia over at her site, House of White.