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Turns out, we’ve been shaving our legs ALL WRONG!

Stacey by Stacey
December 21st, 2016

When it comes to shaving my legs I’m super slack.  I only do it when I absolutely have too – which means unless I have to bare my pins in public, I remain a hairy bear. I usually only notice just how beastly I am when running really late too, so often do the last minute dry shave but when I have time, I make sure to use the non woven wax strips. No soap or water – just straight on my dry skin, it ain’t pretty.

I know the dry shave ain’t the best way to de-hair but little did I know there is actually a full process we should follow when aiming for the silky smoothies.

These are the do’s and don’ts of leg shaving…take note ladies.

The lead up to before and after shaving is just as important as the shaving itself.

Tip 1: Exfoliate first it eliminates ingrown hairs (never have I ever)

Tip 2: Shave in the shower not the bath – the bath can make your skin red before you start (who has time for a bath anyway?)

Tip 3: Soak your skin before you start for 2-3 minutes – it expands the skin by 60% making them easier to cut (with all that extra time you have)

Tip 4: Gently stretch your skin to make the surface nice and flat (ummmm….who knew?)

Tip 5: Don’t use soap – it clogs the razor. Use shaving gel and tons of it

Tip 6: Don’t rub skin after shaving with a towel – just pat dry.

And FYI if you cut yourself shaving don’t bother dabbing it with a tissue – that doesn’t work. Get a cotton pad and soak in freezing water and press firmly…it will stop the bleeding much quicker.

Oh and one more thing – you’re ‘supposed’ to replace your shaver after 10 shaves (yeah, this ain’t ever happened either. I get 12 months outta that blade – those things are exxy).

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