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I need a fresh idea to display my pics that isn’t tacky…ideas?

Jess Bettenay by Jess Bettenay
May 27th, 2013

I get asked this one a bit and I have to say it’s one question I’m a little torn over.  As a mum of 3 kids, a huge advocate of family and of course someone who is a little outrageous with there mates, I have and love plenty of great pics all over my house.  However, as a designer and decorator I must admit I do struggle with this one even in my own house.

It’s not through lack of ideas, I have plenty of those but purely through a severe lack of time.  I’m almost certain that by the time you have read this today you will agree with me and start to see this concept in a new light – it really is all about time. It’s taking the time to get it right for your space, taking the time to find the right frames, the time to find the right photographs that go together, the time to maybe print them in black and white etc etc…
Just bear in mind as I make this sound easy… I still haven’t developed the photos from my wedding day (12 years ago!!) and my pictures are in a DESPERATE need of sorting out in my own house so take this one as you wish!
Ok so if we are talking photo walls here are some tips to remember:
The best place for a photo wall is in a hall, an office, a corner nook, or on an unexpected wall.  Try not to pick the main wall in the living room or the wall behind your bed…it is much more effective with an element of surprise.  It is also really important to remember to mix it in with other artwork or decorative items you have collected along the way and layer them up.  This allows your eye to be more interested and gives the wall a little more depth and a whole lot more interest.
I love this one, all family pics yet artful and stylish still…


Choosing a little nook like this is always effective…

Not a huge fan of this styling but you get the idea…

This one may be a tad extreme and a dusting nightmare but scaled back a little would look fantastic!

Although there are only a few pictures on this wall you could easily add a few more into this mix in replacement of some of the other art, it would still have a great look!

If a photo wall isn’t your thing then there are a few other cool things out there that you can do that have a point of difference from your regular picture frames.

Place pics into jars like the pic below is effective although I would stick with black and white on this one!

Source: merrimentevents

Source: merrimentevents

These ice slab frames are fantastic and look really clean and beautiful in any home. With no boarder and just a magnet holding it in place, it is purely about the picture. We have these at The Assembly Hall.

Slab Frames - The Assembly Hall

Slab Frames – The Assembly Hall

Fenton and Fenton do a huge selection of these bone, printed and coloured picture frames and I use them all the time when I am decorating houses. They are easy to merchandise in with other objects and really make the picture look like it was meant to be there.

One last tip regarding kids portrait photo shoots…try and find a photographer with an artistic edge, a photographer who isn’t a studio portrait photographer. Pics of your kids taken this way are great but only if the image is arty and has character. Be clever with this and hunt around to try a few things out before you settle on something you may regret!!

J x

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