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Inside the home of actress Keri Russell

Brooke by Brooke
March 26th, 2014

Actress Keri Russell and her husband, craftsman and contractor Shane moved to Brooklyn after having their son, River. They considered a loft in Tribeca, but the allure of living in a house with a backyard was too strong for them . And it helps that the craftsman can  “take a sledgehammer to anything and no one can complain!”

After looking at over 30 houses, the loved-up pair  purchased an 1860s brownstone that needed a ton of work. “I can’t help myself. Why buy someone else’s renovation if you’re going to redo it anyway,” says Kerri’s husband – who she calls her ‘MacGyver’.

Although Shane took care of the structure, it was a collaboration with the Felicity actress Russell sketching room layouts, choosing furnishings, and picking out fabrics.

The kitchen cabinetry is built entirely from a dismantled post-and-beam house, as are the bathroom vanities. He also  turned pieces of discarded pine into the porthole mirror that hangs over the living room mantel. Beside their bed, a golden block of reclaimed pine flooring serves as a bedside table.

Keri wanted to make sure the styling and design didn’t take away from the rooms themselves. “With so much wood in the equation, it could have turned into a cliché of farmhouse chic, so I stuck with a neutral palette, kept it spare, and worked in as many textures as I could without straying into girly territory.”

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This is one of my favourite celeb homes – love everything about this! What is your favourite room in Keri’s home?

Thanks to Elle Decor for the beautiful images.