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The genius feature hidden at the back of your iPhone!

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
January 19th, 2021

Every now and then, a new iPhone hack does the rounds and to date, there hasn’t been one that hasn’t rocked my socks off. Admittedly, this isn’t hard to do. I’m the least tech-savvy person in all the land.

The latest tip doing the rounds is the ‘Back Tap’ feature and I know for sure that I’m not the only kid on the block who was in the dark about this one. I know this because I’ve spent the last couple of days screaming “DID YOU KNOW YOUR PHONE COULD DO THIS??!?!” to everyone who crossed my line of sight and only one of them knew – and that was my daughter, who just rolled her eyes at me and said, ‘Yeah mum, everyone knows that.’

I’m just gonna forget about what she says and continue though.

Insta user @tennilleserpa shared the game-changer to her page and I’ll just let her explain….

How grouse is that?

As someone who takes a shit tonne of screenshots, you bet your sexy ass that I immediately set my double-tap to the Screenshot option – and I can confirm it works like a charm. There’s also a triple-tap option that allows you to set another action (such as Lock Screen, Siri, App Changer, etc) with – you guessed it – three taps on the back of the phone.

Disappointingly, word on the street is that if you’ve got an iPhone 7 or earlier model, this sorcery does not work… but that doesn’t stop you from telling people all about it and sounding like a tech legend. Smart.

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