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Where do Kim and Kanye spit in the bathroom???

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
May 2nd, 2019

When Kim Kardashian gave us a sneaky peak at her family and inside her home during an ep of Vogue’s 73 Questions last month, no one could have envisioned the kerfuffle her bathroom sinks would cause. People around the globe were in a stupor over the sinks that appeared to be just a flat surface with a weird little opening for the water to go down.

The people demanded to know HOW THE HELL THEY WORK and ever the professional, Kim answered with this video…

see… two lonely chairs

Listen, Kimye’s ‘minimal monastery’ home with its giant rooms filled with, like, two chairs, has come under a lot of criticism since that Vogue vid went live – but it’s different strokes for different millionaire folks, right?

Those sinks, though. Those sinks are my WORST nightmare.

I mean, ESPECIALLY with young kids... where does the spit go? Where do those giant blobs of toothpaste they leave ALL OVER the inside of the sink go? The stuff that goes down a sink is rank enough, but the thought of it all just sitting on top there like the world’s grossest showcase of oral expulsions makes me feel ill.

It’s rumoured that Casa Kardashian West is worth a whopping US$60 million big ones, and it’s no surprise when those sinks alone are thought to have cost a minimum of US$25,750, according to Bargain Mansions host Tamara Day. “These finishes are not your every day selections,” Day said. “Every part of this design and renovation is top shelf including the client it was designed for.”

The way I see it, no matter how ‘top shelf’ you are, nothing’s gonna stop your kids from blobbing and spitting their Colgate all over that almost-flat, fancy pants sink. Could be fun trying to get it directly into that little slit though… sorta like air hockey, but revolting.

You can watch Kim’s full ep of 73 Questions below…